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3 Reasons You Should Quit Blogging | Online Marketing Course

I bet you read and reread the title of this blog multiple times. I assure you that title of this blog post was written correctly and with great purpose. Why am I telling you to quit blogging? Before you entice me with reasons why I should quit my blog first, I encourage you to read this blog from start to finish. In this featured blog, our online marketing course instructors share with you 3 reasons why it is time to quit blogging. P.S. The intent is to help small business bloggers like you to create a growth mindset.

3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogging or Change your Approach | Digital Marketing Corporate Training

1. You are a Terrible Writer

Fixed Mindset: You cannot think of any good topics to write about. No one wants to read your blog posts and the bounce rate is nearly 90%. When you look at the blog posts you wrote a few months ago, you cringe. You have convinced yourself you absolutely cannot write at all and thereby quit….rightly so, right?

Growth Mindset: You enjoy writing. Sometimes, you cannot think of creative topics to write about. Other times, your articles do not get positive responses from readers. You are about to give up because you feel success is simply impossible to achieve. That is when you stop and think: how can I grow as a great writer, if I don’t try? You realize that to learn, you have to try. You have to fall and stand up again to become a better writer.

The next time you feel you are a bad writer and want to quit you have two options:

  1. Quit (Fixed Mindset)
  2. Make mistakes and find a way to do it right and improve. (Growth Mindset)

2. Your Blog is Nothing New – Your Topics have been Covered by Other Bloggers

Fixed Mindset: When you introduce your blogging idea to friends, they laugh it off. They ask “Aren’t there already enough blogs like yours on the internet? You do a keyword search on Google Keyword Planner and all your topics that you want to write about are highly competitive. Blogging is just too difficult of a terrain to trek. There’s no point in starting your blog if your ideas are nothing new.

Growth Mindset: It is true that your blog is nothing new and that there are perhaps other websites that are similar to it. The website may also not be big enough to be part of the influencer program. You may also not be getting as many views as some of your competitors (or the big players). However, you have set SMART goals for yourself – to be authentic. Your blog is technically new and unique because it is yours and your writing is unique, which means it has not been copied from other sites. As long as your content is unique and original, your blog has the potential to grow.

3. You are Giving Away Information for Free

Fixed Mindset: Blogging is your bread and butter. You invest in your blog, treat it like a legitimate business, and expect to get some kind of ROI in return. With constant search algorithm changes, new competitors in the markets, and the entire landscapes constantly changing, monetizing blogs is becoming more and more difficult. If you are consistently operating at a loss, it’s worth re-evaluating whether or not you should continue blogging.

Growth Mindset: It is true that blogging is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Quantifying the impact of your blog posts is equally as hard. If your sole reason for blogging is to make money, then blogging is not for you. You are better of looking for digital marketing alternatives to bringing traffic and profit to your website.

The purpose of blogging is to inform readers about market trends and industry news and to help resolve their biggest pain points. Despite popular beliefs, blogging has nothing to do with selling and making profit. My one piece of advice to you is to let your personality shine through. You are not selling your brand, business, or products in your blog posts; you are selling yourself. You want people to relate to you and form an emotional connection. It is only when that emotional connection is made that they will contact you to do business.

So the next time you think of quitting blogging because you are not making money from it, think of this quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. “If you don’t give it away for free, someone else will.”

Honestly, did you think I was serious about quitting blogging? I wrote this blog to help you create a growth mindset in digital marketing and to encourage you to pick up blogging. Blogging (content marketing) is digital marketing’s bread and water. All facets of digital marketing depend on it for survival, including social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, and so on. It would be malice of me to advise you to quit.

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January 3, 2019

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