4 Digital Marketing Career Options during CoVID Shutdown | Digital Marketing Training

Completing one of the many available online digital marketing courses in Canada is a rewarding experience. It opens you up to a myriad of job opportunities and career advancements.
Candidates who participated in our online social media marketing courses with certificates report back positive feedback. Many were able to jumpstart their careers immediately. Others were able to successfully ask for a raise or advancement. Almost all, have stated that they were able to bring their resume alive with fresh experience, skills and education.


We know that 2020 has been a unique year for everyone. We want to encourage all our students not to give up on their careers in digital marketing. As we have said time and time again, digital marketing is going nowhere…even with CoVID. There are many entry-level positions available today for those who complete an online digital marketing course.

There is still a lot of activity in the digital marketing field when it comes to hiring new people. Toronto alone for example say 644 new job postings in the month of September.

In this blog post, our online digital marketing course instructors explore 4 entry-level jobs that are available to all job seekers who are looking to jump start their careers today.

4 Entry-Level Digital Marketing Career options | Online Digital Marketing Course

1. Content Marketing Strategist

People often attribute content marketing with writing and editing. However, there is more to the role of a content marketing strategist. Content marketers typically work on inbound marketing and attracting new inbound users and leads through social media, SEO, PPC advertising and other digital marketing means. They are also skilled at writing marketing and information blog posts, whitepapers, email blasts, social media posts and infographics that help businesses build their online brand identity and presence.

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing managers are in demand today as more companies look to make their presence known online. This is especially true since the number of social media users has risen exponentially during the past couple of years. Social Media Managers do more than just post content on social media channels. In their role, they build strategies for growing and engaging social media followers. They also work alongside web developers, SEO managers, and content marketers to share and promote content that attracts consumers and converts them into paying customers.

Many businesses look for savvy social media managers to move their campaigns online since that’s where their audience spends more and more time during the pandemic. Source: smartinsights.com

3. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is an entry-level position that is very important, especially during these trying times. The person hired for the position assists businesses with making decisions about their markets. They use market research and data to identify business trends and to predict customer behaviours. A marketing analyst also makes suggestions to senior level executives regarding lead generation techniques and pricing strategies through technical reports. Without market research and the expertise of a marketing analyst, businesses will miss valuable opportunities during CoVID and beyond.

4. PPC Manager

More and more businesses are shifting from traditional advertising to digital advertising due to the limitations caused by the pandemic shutdowns and social distancing. This calls for an increase in demand of certified PPC (account) managers. That is people who can successfully run Google Ads and other search engine paid advertising campaigns. Good PPC managers know their way around Google Keyword Planner and Adwords, and know how to get results with the least amount of money spent.

Final Words

The shortage of digital marketing job candidates has never been higher, and the demand for them will continue to increase as the pandemic unfolds. Investing time and resources into your skill set development will produce many benefits and open numerous digital marketing career options in the future regardless of your background and experience.
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