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4 Ways To Increase ROI Through Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to get a conversation going. But how do you turn that great conversation into a one that meets your marketing and financial goal? This is a common question brought up in our digital marketing training sessions.  We put together 6 Tips on how to get a better ROI from your social media activity.

1. Create Landing Pages Specific To Making Connections

Landing pages are useful for two reasons: they give you an easy way to measure how well you are doing in each channel and they help you create a personal relationship with your followers by addressing them personably.

Things that should be included on a landing page are: social proof (number of fans/followers), links to your best products and services and contact details – the best way that your fans/followers can reach you.

2. Revamp your Image

If you have not updated your social media channels and revamped your image, now’s the best time to do so. Our customized online marketing training sessions will help you with that. But in a nutshell, using pictures is a great way to showcase your brand personality. Also, showing one cover image across all channels reinforces branding and makes it easier for your fans to connect with you.

3. Use More Videos

Videos drive conversions since viewers stick around longer and follow links to learn more about the products or services. Not only are videos great place to include multiple calls to action, but you can also play them on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media channels.

4. Integrate Paid Social Ads

Convertro and AOL Platforms did a study on conversion rates for both organic social media content and paid social ads. Twitter saw the largest discrepancy between conversion rates, with users more than twice as likely to convert via paid ads. Overall, the study found that paid social ads lead to 25% more conversions than organic social.

To learn more about how to become a successful digital marketer, DMAC online training staff encourages you to enroll in one of our courses. DMAC also offers customized corporate training sessions for enterprises looking to upgrade their staff’s skills in areas of digital and social media marketing. Click here to set up a free corporate training consultation.

September 16, 2015

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  1. One more interesting way to make a connection with the users is by sending relevant messages to target customers. This increases brand awareness and also helps to generate customer loyalty.

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