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5 Pinterest Accounts Targeted To Men

We were always told that Pinterest was a social media platform heavily favoured by the females. Stats have backed up this claim. For example, according to RJ Metrics, 80% of their users are women and 92% of all pins are made by female users. As well, according to Pew Research, just under half (42%) of their female demographic comes from the United States.

Within the last year or so, Pinterest has indeed been working to become more gender neutral and has introduced a new feature called Guided Search to prove it. Before if you were looking for clothes from a specific brand, the results would only include women’s wear. But now, men will be able to search for items that are closer to what they’re looking for.

Don’t believe us? Our Digital Media Academy of Canada lecturers are providing an overview of five brands that have successfully used Pinterest to target their male demographic:

1. GQ Magazine

The monthly publication has over 540,000 followers on Pinterest. The reason why it’s been so successful on Pinterest is because it shares high quality images that focus on two of the most popular topics – style and food. For instance, its board GQ Style, features photos from recent fashion shows and the best pieces of clothing to buy right at this moment. As well it features useful information on how to renovate your closet and the like.

2. Victorinox

Victorinox is a leader in the pocket knives industry. In addition to manufacturing the iconic Swiss Army Knives, it sells fragrances and timepieces, which are all showcased on Pinterest. Other boards include highlights from corporate events and the evolution of the Swiss Army Knife since its invention 130 years ago.

3. Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson has a vibrant presence on Pinterest. It has 26 boards that cover the typical topics you would expect from an automotive and motorcycle brand. What makes this account extra special is that it caters to both men and women. They have boards that are designed specifically for the female audience and their interest in motorcycles.

4. Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness is one of the leading men’s lifestyle websites on the web. The focus of this brand is on men and helping them become the “best men they can be in all aspects of their lives”. It’s therefore not shocking to know that they use images to draw visitors back to their website. On Pinterest, they only have one board, which is titled “Manly Stuff”. Examples of stuff they share include visual how-to guide, the latest products for men, and humorous cartoons.

5. Sports Illustrated

The iconic sports magazine is read and viewed by 23m people per week and over 13,000 followers are subscribed to it on Pinterest. With 20 boards, Sports Illustrated separates its content by sport, cover story, news, athlete, and images submitted by fans. In addition, it boasts a Super Bowl Recipe book and images of sports pets. Check it out!

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February 18, 2015

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