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5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

Social media marketing is a tool that has helped many businesses grow. You can find a ton of helpful hints and “secret” tricks that you can use to boost the social media presence of your brand. Find the things that work best for you and you will see the benefits of this marketing strategy.

In this article, our DMAC lecturers offer 5 simple ways to use social networks to add more power to your campaigns. If you are looking for some new ways to pump up your brand online, give some of them a try. We encourage you to enroll in our social media marketing course to learn more.


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Sell your products

Several sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are looking into adding a “Buy” button to make it easier for users to make purchases without leaving the social site. Until then, you are not supposed to sell directly from those channels.

What you can do is take advantage of the news feeds by using tools such as ShopPost to draw attention to your products. It helps get you noticed by your target audience and also gives you some helpful insight with analytics and statistics.

On sites like Pinterest and Instagram, you can install the handy Like2Buy button from Curalate that lets you link directly to your products from your profile.

Use a live stream video

A marketing tool that is growing in popularity is the live stream video. Businesses are using tools like Brandlive to post videos to Facebook in order to bring physical products together with a digital audience.

You can also include links to the products you show in your video in order to make it easier for your viewers to make a purchase.

Share your reviews

Review sites are everywhere. Consumers are happy to give their opinions about your business to sites like Yelp and Google+/ The types of reviews your business receives can be a huge deciding factor for potential customers. If someone is on the fence about buying, they will turn to posted reviews to make a decision.

Make sure that people are seeing as many reviews as possible by sharing them with tools like GetKudos, which collect and share your reviews online.

Get help from your fans

Do not assume that the people following you on social media are taking action on your behalf. This is where engagement comes in to help. Make sure you are interacting with your audience regularly and build their trust. Then, you can ask them to help.

Be direct in your posts. Tell them what you need them to do, whether it’s to share, comment or like your posts. Encourage them to retweet your links. Calls-to-action are an important part of getting your audience to work for your brand.

Another way to do this is to include share buttons on your blog and website that make it easy for your fans to share your content and products with their own circle on social media.

Watch the hashtags

Hashtags are still a popular way to find out what is trending on social networks. When you keep track of the trending hashtags, you can find smart ways of connecting them to your business and including them in your posts.

Using trending hashtags in your posts will ensure that more people are seeing you online. Be sure to only use the tags that are relevant to your brand. Use tools like SproutSocial to stay in the loop on the tags.

In what sneaky ways do you help your brand on social media? Take our social media marketing course to learn more information about employing the winning strategies on social media All those who enroll in the course, will be eligible to partake in Digital Marketing Fundamentals course as well, free of charge.

March 31, 2015

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