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5 Social Media Channels to Use to Land a Job | DMAC – Certification of Digital Marketing

Did you know that more and more employers are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to research job candidates? In fact, your prospective employer that you sent your resume to may be snooping through your social media channels and searching for your name on search engines as you read this message.

Employers and recruiters are using the following criteria for screening purposes:

Information that confirms the job candidates’ qualifications.
Information that ensures that the job candidate has a professional online persona.
Information that is posted by other people about the job candidate.
Any indicators as to why not to hire the candidate.

(source: BrandYourself)

In this blog post, our certification of digital marketing experts share with you some practical tips on how to build and maintain a positive, professional presence on social media. These suggestions will not only help you stand out but will also make the job search process less dull.


Twitter is a social networking website that’s designed to help families, friends, colleagues, and people with like-minded interests stay connected. On the social network there are 3 options for searching for career opportunities:
1.Searches: In the search bar, type the keywords that apply to the job title you are looking for. For optimal results, use the keywords in combination with words like “jobs” and “hiring” and the location of where you are looking for work. Ex: Social Media Jobs Toronto; Hiring a Web Designer Toronto.
2.Hashtags: Hashtags such as #career and #nowhiring will take you to tweets written by employers looking to hire skilled employees. For industry-specific job tweets, use generic hashtags in combination with the job title or industry. Ex: #ITJobs and #SocialMediaJobs. Don’t be afraid to be creative because that’s how hidden gems are found.
3.Following: Follow businesses and executives you are interested in working with. Don’t be afraid to send them an occasional tweet or private message to show them that you are interested. Make sure your account is professional and the content is appropriate to the industry you want to be hired for.


Facebook is currently the largest social media site in the world. With 2.6 billion monthly active users as of 2020, nearly every social media user is using it, whether for pleasure or business. There are 3 ways to optimize a Facebook profile when planning for a job search:
1.Like/Follow Official Company Pages: When you like/follow official company pages on Facebook, you essentially subscribe to notifications from those pages. Many businesses with a Facebook presence post available job openings on their Facebook pages. Liking and following the page will ensure you do not miss out on any opportunity.
2.Update Profile: Facebook allows you to share details about your work history and professional skills on your profile. Adding such details helps visitors see your current job position as well as positions you held in the past. It will also help you find others who work in the same place or have the same skill level and help you network.
3.Private/Public: Go through your privacy settings and ensure you know what parts of the timeline are seen by friends and the public and which is held private. It’s best practice to keep your education and work experience public as noted above.


LinkedIn is the go-to social network of choice for professionals;

(source: zety.com)

Your profile is a digital resume that you can easily share with job hunters in three clicks or less. Here are 4 ways to do so:

1.Connect with Like-Minded Professionals: Connecting with strangers is a very common practice on LinkedIn. Everyone is looking to network on the app. We do still encourage you to connect with people who have similar interests or might be working in the same industry as you. It is also recommended to personalize messages so that the recipient knows who you are and why you are looking to connect.
2.Job Boards: LinkedIn has a job board that highlights available opportunities in just about every field. Feel free to apply directly on the social networking app along with your resume and cover letter.
3.Endorsements/Recommendations: LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements are valuable as they are social proofs of your competency, skills, and ability. Try to get as many professional recommendations and endorsements as possible as it will help you stand out from the long list of job applicants. Professional references could come from former colleagues, managers, and customers.
4.Remove Outdated and Irrelevant Information: A LinkedIn profile works similar to a resume. Out-dated or irrelevant job information on your LinkedIn profile will not speed up the hiring process and make your application stand out more. You want to format your profile in a way that calls the attention to the jobs, skills, and recommendations that speak to the position you are looking to be hired in. The more brief your profile is the better.


Now that Pinterest is a major player in the digital landscapes, users have started considering it for uses other than inspiration for recipes, home décor, and fashion trends. And with an uncertain economy and thousands of people either out of work or looking to change jobs, Pinterest is becoming an interesting platform for job searches. There are 3 ways to optimize your Pinterest profile to improve your job search prospects:

1.Infographic resume: Infographic resumes go viral instantly and they beg to be pinned by others. Check out the Undercover Recruiter for ideas on how to make yourself more employable on Pinterest.
2.Be Descriptive: When you pin your resume on Pinterest, make sure it will show up in search results. Instead of using a simple caption “resume” try something more specific, such “John Smith infographic resume for Social Media Manager”. Also, add a description about yourself and why you are a good fit for the position you look for.
3.Keep It Fresh: Repin and share new material regularly, so there’s always something new and interesting to keep employers coming back for more. A reminder that your latest pins will always show up on top.


YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular tool among job seekers looking to land a job without hassle, especially among the generations that grew up with web videos. It can be argued that video is a more personal tool for job searching, acting as a digital interview, as well as for building resumes. There are 3 ways to optimize your YouTube channel to improve your job search prospects:

1.Promote Yourself: YouTube videos are not meant for reciting your resume and listing all your past roles and responsibilities. Instead, use the opportunity to highlight the unique qualities and experiences that did not shine through on your traditional resume.
2.Optimize Your Videos: Rename your video files using your name and a relevant keyword. This keyword may be related to the industry you are looking to be hired in. As well, optimize your video description and title by inserting your keywords naturally and any relevant hashtags. It is also a good practice to upload a custom thumbnail image to capture viewers’ attention.
3.Keep it Professional: Keep your YouTube channel professional and consistent with your image. Avoid posting content that does nothing to help you improve your online image. Also, make sure that you fill out the profile page completely. You can cross-link your other social media accounts in your YouTube profile.

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March 31, 2021

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  1. I was literally not knowing that I can find a job on Facebook also. I tried all of these and the results are soo good. I like your detailed article. Thanks for the help.

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