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5 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn is a powerful and ever growing professional social media channel. They add 2 new users every second. To preserve its reputation as a “professional tool”, LinkedIn has its own very unique rules making it different from other social media platforms. It offers many possibilities for its users to share experiences, knowledge and to start discussions. LinkedIn is the preferred channel for companies as its user base is populated with mainly professionals. However be aware that just having a company page on LinkedIn is not going to be enough to grow followers and promote engagement. Only company pages that are well structured and engaging will have an impact with your target audience. Our Digital Marketing course instructors located in Toronto have compiled a list of 5 LinkedIn best practices to set up and manage a successful LinkedIn business page.

1. Pay careful attention to spelling and grammar

It is crucial to eliminate any grammatical errors from your LinkedIn business page. Besides the fact that it appears unprofessional, it also gives the impression that your company does not pay attention to detail. Pick words carefully and be aware of their meaning. As a general rule, less is more. Be clear and succinct. Take the time to carefully edit every post and article before posting for the public and reduce the chance for minor careless mistakes.

2. Post engaging content frequently

Followers always appreciate frequent updates. Adding information to your business page and consistently publishing new posts will grant more visits to your page. When creating content for your posts, try to use topics that strike at your followers’ emotions in order to promote engagement..

3. Use video and visual content

Videos are the future of digital marketing. They are able to explain complicated concepts in two minutes or less. Combined with other visual content such as images, videos will catch the attention of your followers. The visuals remain longer in your readers minds and are more effective at generating emotions and engagement.

4. Monitor engagement data

LinkedIn Analytics is an essential tool to track the number of clicks, impressions, likes and comments for every post present on your business page. It is a user friendly platform and it allows you select a precise period of time on which to focus your analysis. The main objective of this tool is to allow you to understand which posts are performing better and have higher engagement than others. This information allows you to better understand the creation of future posts or articles.

5. Analyse your competitors’ pages

Using particular tools, such as Quintly, makes it possible to track your direct competitors’ performance. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to learn from your competitors.You can track the number of followers, their growth, their number of status updates, the average interactions per update and the best times to post.

When dealing with LinkedIn it’s always best to take a step back and understand the nature of this powerful social media channel. LinkedIn is very different from Facebook. You shouldn’t be using it to publish jokes or random silly information just to entertain your friends. LinkedIn is the most important professional social media platform in the world and should be treated as such when deciding what to post. Just remember that being professional doesn’t mean you have to be boring!

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April 28, 2017

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