You graduated from one of the best colleges with high honours. You successfully completed professional development digital marketing courses to expand your knowledge and skills and to enhance your career. And you finally had the chance to update your resume. You feel you are JOB READY and would like to start applying for work.

In this blog post, our online digital marketing course instructors offer practical tips to our trainees on how to land a job in one or more related digital marketing fields.

1. Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Personal branding refers to the process of managing and optimizing your social media (and digital) accounts. Ideally, you want all your accounts to look professional in case employers search your name on Google or another search engine.

We recommend starting with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. If you have a personal website, it may be a good idea to add it to the list as well. The reason being…If you search for your name on a search engine, the first three results are usually reserved for your social media accounts and personal websites. The last thing you want is to be turned away because an employer found something that made them doubt you and your professionalism.

Personal brands are also important because it shows your prospective employers that you have the skills they are looking for and are prepared for the digital marketing role and its challenges. In employers’ eyes, being able to successfully build your personal brand means you are capable of building a brand for any client that you get to work for.

Tip: There are tools out there like which give you an idea of what information can be found on the web. 

2. Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends and Terminology

Things move very fast in the digital marketing realm. What once was a trend a year ago, may not be the best practice now. To introduce yourself as a viable candidate for employment, you will need to stay current with all technology, trends, and lingo in the industry. Staying current demonstrates that you know what is best for today’s companies in the digital marketing world.

Twitter is a great source for real-time news and updates. Hundreds of chats related to digital marketing are hosted on Twitter and each one can be used for networking, learning new strategies and trends, and generally engaging in meaningful conversation. The LinkedIn Pulse is another good place to stay up to date with the industry trends. It is a collection of articles, written by authoritative authors, that provide readers with an analysis of and insight into today’s global issues.

3. Make Your Resume Stand Out

Each job that is posted online attracts over 250 candidates. Most of the candidates that apply have resumes with similar professional experiences, formats and lingo that eventually begin to blend together. Despite this, resumes are still the most important tools used by employers to evaluate candidates. In fact, 8 in 10 employers say that a candidate’s resume plays a big factor in determining their fit for the position.

When creating or updating your resume for a digital marketing position, it is important to keep in mind the following 2 things. You should always include high-quality writing in your resume. Use words or phrases, such as “content specialist” and “digital strategist” to help you consolidate your personal brand around a specific skill. A brief statement at the top of first page that sums up your experiences, values and goals is also important. That statement should ideally show employers your unique value proposition.

Example of innovative job application
This Imgur user created a mini version of herself out of Lego, when applying for a job at an ad agency

source: Imgur

4. Contact Employers in Innovative Ways

Employers are clever marketing specialists, too. So, it is not very hard to find them online and to tailor your pitch.

Tracking these individuals is one of the best ways to find out their corporate whereabouts and go there. If you are going to email them, write something memorable that would grab their attention instantaneously. You can also comment on what they said at a recent lecture or in their article or book that they wrote and you read.

5. Get a Digital Marketing Agency Experience

Depending on your skills set and the competitiveness of your specialization, it may be best to kick start your digital marketing career at a digital marketing agency. You can gain valuable experience and knowledge working for an agency as you will get to handle different clients and their portfolios. This will give you exposure to all avenues of digital marketing which will eventually help you move up the ladder and advance in your career and build on your skills set.

DMAC Offers a Free Facebook & Instagram Social Media Marketing Course to Help Close the Skills Gap

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Some of the topics covered in our course are: Importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising.

o Creating Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
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o Monitoring Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics

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