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5 Tips on Getting your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

There’s nothing more satisfying in the world of YouTube marketing than to hit a milestone with your videos. One important milestone is your first 100 YouTube channel subscribers. I consider this important because YouTube offers live streaming once you have reached that number.
With 1billion+ unique visitors per month, there is an audience for every kind of uploaded video out there. With a whole lot of stars finding fame through YouTube, it is a platform definitely worth considering.

Here are 5 smart ways to increase YouTube subscribers in 2015:


YouTube subscribers


1. Produce Top-Notch Content

There’s no point in uploading videos for the sake of uploading; that defeats the whole purpose of YouTube marketing. You should rather be creating video content that is engaging, informative and entertaining for all people out there. Losing your viewers’ interest in the middle of the video will not only cause you to lose potential subscribers, but long-term audience reach as well. If the video viewer loves the video, they will be inclined to subscribe to your channel to learn more about what you offer.

2. Optimize

You should always consider keyword applications in the title and description of your video. Hitting the correct keywords is important because it will increase your video viewership, and in turn, increase your subscriber list as well. Do not resort to spam tactics such as filling the description portion with a list of keywords. Spam can lead you to penalties with both YouTube and Google.

3. Enable Annotations

One of the least known features of YouTube is Annotations. With annotations, you get to be incredibly creative in the editing process as well as after the video has been uploaded.
There are five different types of annotations to choose from:
• Speech bubble: for creating pop-up speech bubbles with text.
• Spotlight: for highlighting areas in a video; when the user moves the mouse over these areas the text you enter will appear.
• Note: for creating pop-up boxes containing text.
• Title: for creating a text overlay to title your video.
• Label: for creating a label to call out and name a specific part of your video.

When used properly, annotations can help increase video views, grow subscribers and engagement, market products and services, and even drive traffic to your website. Furthermore, annotations are important for SEO and can help increase rankings within YouTube search.

4. Add Link To Email Signatures

A simple little tip that can work wonders on your overall social networking campaigns. The key here is that most people send about 50 odd emails a day so that is 50 emails where people could see your link and click thereby increasing your video views and likeliness of subscriptions.

5. Tags

One of the ways in which YouTube finds videos and serves them to user is by searching through the tags that you add along with the title and describe in the edit video section. You want to make sure that your tags are relevant, that there are plenty of them and that they are trending and desired by users, which goes back to our point #2 that emphasizes optimization.

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August 2, 2019

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