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How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job in 2021 | DMAC

2021 is a new start and an opportunity for you to do better than the year before.

Your New Year’s resolution may be something that you want to accomplish for some time. Or perhaps it may be a goal that you just set this month. Whatever your resolution may be, you never have to brave it alone. Know that you can surround yourself with people and resources to help support your efforts and keep you accountable.

If you are reading this blog, it probably means that one of your goals for 2021 is to get into marketing. Perhaps you studied marketing in a community college or university and are ready to apply your knowledge in the real world. Or perhaps you have taken an online social media marketing course with DMAC and would like more tips on how to make your resume marketable. Whatever the reason, this blog post was written with the intent on helping you navigate the job market successfully.

5 Tips to Help You Land a Marketing Job in 2021

You have taken all the necessary courses. You have earned your degree and continuing education certifications. You have read the books. And you have watched the videos. You are convinced that digital marketing is the field you belong to. Below are 5 tricks you can use to help you get an edge on your competition and land a job in 2021.

#1 Network! Network! Network!

Networking is an important part of a job search, especially during the pandemic. It involves more than sending out your resume and asking people for work. People within your network would not be your potential employers. However, they could act as guides and mentors in your quest to find work. They could help you climb your career ladder by connecting you with those that are hiring. A good place to start building your networks is on LinkedIn.

Network through LinkedIn Groups to land a job in digital marketing - DMAC
LinkedIn Groups are a great way to find industry professionals with the same professional interests as you.

‘Network through LinkedIn Groups to land a job in digital marketing – DMAC’  “(source: Social Media Examiner)

#2. Do not Let Failure Bring You Down

Job hunting is not easy at the best times. It is even harder during a pandemic. You will stumble a bit throughout the year. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake or two. Do not let a few small mistakes crush your motivation or make you lose focus. As Seth Godin once said, “If failure is not an option, then neither is success.” You will not know what success is if you have not failed at something.

#3 Print Out the Best Job Listing to Use for Reference

You can set yourself apart from other job candidates by preparing beforehand, anticipating common questions and tailoring your resume, cover letter and interview to the job requirements of the job postings. Even after submitting your application for a job, we recommend that you print out the job listing. Saving the job description after it is removed will help you highlight your unique qualities and land your dream job.

#4 Start Your Own Blog

The good thing about digital marketing is that you can begin highlighting your skills right from where you are now. You do not need to be employed or land a contract to start. One way to do that is to set up your own blog/website or eResume. If you do not have money to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, there are tons of free blog-building websites like WordPress, Blogger, Google Sites and Medium.com. Once your blog or website is up and running, you can put to the test your skills for SEO, social media marketing, and web design among other digital marketing skills.

Start your own blog when searching for a digital marketing job – DMAC
There are many blogging platforms out there. Click here to find out which one works best for you.

 ‘Start your own blog when searching for a digital marketing job – DMAC’  (source: the Blogging Buddha)”

#5 Stay Proactive in Your Job Search

When you see a position that you are certain you want, do not let the fact that you do not meet all the requirements stop you from applying. Apply for everything. This is especially true if the position is an entry-level position in digital marketing. Employers know there will be some on-the-job training for whoever will want to hold that position.

DMAC Offers a Free Facebook & Instagram Social Media Marketing Course to Help Close the Skills Gap

Yes, you heard us right. DMAC is giving back to Canadians in these trying times. We are offering our Facebook and Instagram 10-hour online course, with certification for free. No strings attached and no credit card required.

Learn new skills by following this marketing course online! The course is ideal for all individuals interested in learning Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising, including:

o Traditional marketers who want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing quickly.
o Recent marketing graduates who want to stand out with recruiters when applying for a job.
o Business owners looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s advertising power to engage customers online.
o People looking for certification in social media marketing.

Some of the topics covered in our course are: Importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising.

o Creating Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
o Defining your Social Media marketing goals
o Running successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
o Monitoring Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics

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January 21, 2021

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