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5 Ways to Upskill the Digital Intelligence of Your Employees

Businesses that are looking to embark on a digital transformation journey often focus on one thing – technology. In theory, they have the right idea. Technologies, especially those with artificial intelligence capabilities, drive the productivity and efficiencies that business owners desire.

Realistically, digital transformation involves more than just technology. No technology is perfect. No technology can fully replace humans. At least, not just yet. An educated and agile workforce will help you deliver the change from within. It will help you improve the productivity and efficiency you have been hoping for when you started the digital transformation process.

Moreover, the failure to line up the goals of a digital transformation with staff values and behavior can create additional problems for your business’ culture, such as low morale and high employee dissatisfaction. The consequences of these cannot be overstated. Some effects may include low productivity, loss in profits and high turn-over rates. All of which can hinder your business from reaching its goals.

In this week’s blog post, our digital marketing corporate training specialists share with you 5 simple ways to overcome the challenges of a digital transformation. Remember: Everything is possible if you just believe in yourself and your workforce.

5 Ways to Overcome Challenges to Digital Transformation | Digital Marketing Corporate Training

1. Maintain Transparency

Most employees, by nature, are not opposed to change – they are simply distrustful of it. In the case of digital transformation, with all the talk around technology such as automation, it is natural for them to be skeptical and ask questions.

As your business looks to embark on their digital transformation journey, it is vital that all leaders be transparent and communicate often with front line staff. There is nothing worse than being left “in the dark.” Whether you have 10 or 5,000 employees, a closed-door atmosphere creates a culture of fear, rumors and at times anger too. It’s only natural that employees will push back and question.

Remember, clear communication of your plan is just as important as creating the strategy itself.

2. Provide Practical Training for Everyone

One concern business owners (and their employees) have when starting the digital transformation process is the lack of digital skills in their workplace. 9 in 10 jobs in 2021 will require some digital skills. Yet, 4 in 10 employees in a North American workforce do not have the basic digital skills.

 Provide Practical Training for Everyone
A digital transformation should be a whole company effort and for this reason a strong corporate digital training program is crucial. If fully committed, one of the first steps all executives should be taking is to offer a mix of both push (mandated training) and pull (optional training) methods to increase the digital knowledge base of the organization. By getting everyone on board and speaking the same language, you will have built a strong foundation.

3. Build a Culture of Life-Long Learning

Life-long learning is a competitive necessity in today’s business world. In order to function effectively day-to-day amidst a rapidly changing world, we all need to learn new things. As part of management, you can promote such a culture by engaging your employees to stay up to date with the latest digital trends in your industry. Simple things like sharing articles, best practices and examples as well as coordinating in-house professional development workshops will help maintain the flow of life-long learning.

4. Create a Culture of Constant Change

All changes, and not just the digital ones, must be implemented fast enough so that an organization’s goals are being met. That is understandable. What is also important is to give your employees (and customers) enough time to adjust to the changes. Changes that are drastic and done without notice will experience backlash and can affect productivity and sales levels. To avoid such problems, it is important to implement a culture of constant change. That is creating a culture where your organization is always looking to refine itself and keep up with the latest trends and changes are made to reflect the trends.

5. Consider Hiring Someone for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Position

Appointing a senior level executive (CIO) to lead the digital transformation is also something worth considering. The person will help make the process more successful and streamlined and will ensure that the company is on the track in terms of its goal.

When hiring for the position of CIO, it is important to find someone with good leadership and people’s skills. Their capacity to openly and regularly communicate with staff will be as important as their knowledge around implementing the changes

Key Takeaway: All digital transformation projects will face friction, and that’s why it’s imperative that perspective is maintained, milestones are celebrated and the path to the goal always remains clear.

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February 10, 2021

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