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6 Easy Steps to Increase your YouTube Subscribers

YouTube, founded in 2005, is the largest video-sharing platform on the Net., . The founders are Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. YouTube allows its users to upload, share, subscribe, comment, like and unlike. There are a large variety of videos that can be found on YouTube. Videos posted could be blogs, how-to/DIY videos, music videos and etc. Getting users to subscribe to your channel shows that what you are posting is likable. Subscribing to channels is also beneficial to the users as it allows them to get updates about your newest video. Another reason you want users to subscribe to your channel is that if your video receives enough views you can receive money from Google. While it may seem challenging to obtain subscribers for your YouTube channel, the following 6 steps will help grow your channel:

1) Upload Videos Frequently

Frequently creating and uploading videos to your YouTube channel might seem a little intimidating and time consuming, but it can have a big payoff in the end. Videos should be uploaded on a regular basis to keep the interest level up. Uploading a video once a week provides a consistent schedule which will help engage your user.

2) Optimize Titles

You don’t want your titles to be bland and boring. You want to make the video’s title engaging to your viewers. Make sure to give your video a descriptive title but also keep in mind not to make the title too long.

Similar to Google, YouTube uses Search Engine Optimization. Try to include keywords in your title that people may search for, that way your video will be found in the YouTube search engine. Of course, the keywords should be related to the video.

3) Use “Call to Action”

Some of you may be thinking what is “call to action” and why would I use it? A call to action is an image or a line of text that prompts your audience to perform a specific action. They are short, straight and to the point. Some examples are “call now”, “comment below”, and “subscribe now”. You may be thinking to yourself “how could this possibly work?” This method works because you are allowing your viewers to be engaged by inducing them to perform an action. A call to action is usually used at the end of the video in order to conclude with your viewers in an engaging way.

4) Personalize Video Thumbnail

Creating your own thumbnail for your videos is a great way to increase your viewers. When scrolling through the videos, an interesting thumbnail will catch the viewer’s eye and therefore is more likely to get views. Selecting an image from your video to use as your thumbnail is a good way to let your viewers know what the video is all about.

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” (Will Rogers), the thumbnail of a video is the first impression. It is the first thing the viewer is going to see so make sure to make it good.

5) Interact with Fans

It might seem intimidating and worthless to comment and interact with your fans, but it is a great way to show them that you care and are loyal to them. Monitoring the comments and requests left by your viewers and replying back makes your viewers feel connected. You are also showing them that you are listening to what they have to say.

6) Just Ask for Subscribers

You should never assume that the viewers of your video are going to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It might seem a little weird asking the viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, but it works. It is a simple and easy way to gain subscribers. One method you can use to ask the viewers to subscribe is a “call to action”. Another way is to ask the viewers during your video to subscribe to your channel.

To you, it might seem obvious how to subscribe to a YouTube channel, but it might not seem that way to other users. When asking users to subscribe make sure to provide clear instructions on how to do so.You could also explain why you want them to subscribe. For example, you could tell your viewers to subscribe so that they can receive updates on your latest video. Another way for your subscribers to receive notifications when you upload a new video is for them to activate the notification bell. This will let them know by email and Google notification that you have uploaded new content.

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September 25, 2017

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