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6 Important Skills Required by Social Media Professionals in (2018) | Online Social Media Marketing Course

Are you looking to jump start your career in social media marketing? There is no time like the present to apply for vacancies.

The title of “Social Media Manager” was ranked number 43 by CNN and Payscale in their list of top 100 careers for “big growth, great pay, and satisfying work”. This means that more and more companies today are seeing the benefits of social media marketing. They are looking to hire managers that will help them employ the right tactics to connect with consumers on social media and to grow their business online with minimal costs.

Whether you are an experienced social media marketer or a novice entrepreneur testing the water, by the end of this blog post, written by our social media marketing course directors, you will have everything you need to create digital and social media marketing job resumes and ace your in-person interview.

1. Copywriting

Words Matter! Copywriting is a skill that you cannot do without in social media marketing. It is required in many areas of a social media manager’s role, from creating social media profile descriptions to crafting Twitter tweets and Facebook posts to writing enticing Pinterest and Instagram captions. Your creativity and knack for prodigious output will not only boost engagement, but extend your business’ organic reach and help make the brand an unforgettable one.

If writing does not come naturally to you, there are tools that can help. One of our favorites is the Hemingway App, which helps social media professionals like ourselves create clear and concise social media content.

2. Graphic & Video Design

It is no secret that using more images in your social media posts can deliver a big spike in engagements (e.g., likes, follows, and website visits). But did you know that 43% of consumers want to see more video content in social media posts? Social media marketing has evolved in the past three years. Consumers are no longer as attracted to plain text based posts as they once were. Being able to design visual content to be used on social media is therefore an essential skill.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding the link between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media reach can be a bit confusing. In the past, Google (e.g., Matt Cutts) has argued that social signals do not have a direct impact on organic rankings. But this was in 2014. We are now living in 2018, which means that times are changing and SEO skills will come into good use for social media managers.

Social Media content is indexed by Google and the other search engines. Opportunities are missed if your content is not optimized using basic SEO techniques (keywords, links, thematic linking, thematic build-up and so on). Need proof? Check out Hootsuite’s latest experiment, which details all the types of social media content that can be found on search engines.

It also goes without say that qualities posts on social media (e.g., posts with tons of likes and shares) will gain the attention of search engine algorithms and help rank your website and its landing pages higher on SERPs.

4. Analytics

Knowing how to read and interpret data is now an important skill for social media managers.

There are two types of analytics that are important to social media managers: 1) social media metrics (e.g., likes, comments, shares etc.) and 2) business metrics (e.g., traffic, leads, conversions, revenue etc.). Savvy social media manager understands both types of metrics and use them to paint a clear picture of the company’s social media performance before determining whether or not they are meeting business goals.

For example, if your goal is to drive traffic from social media channels to your website and drive sales, being able to attribute traffic and conversions back to channels and even certain posts will help your team understand what content is helping you to achieve your goals.

5. Customer Service

With more consumers than ever before using social media to interact with brands, social media managers are required to have developed a customer service mindset. Being able to post clever sayings, captivating images and inspirational content is not enough these days as it will not help social media managers appropriately respond to customer-service queries. That’s why a quick response to questions and complaints, a “customer first” mindset, and the ability to move difficult questions offline are equally as important as content writer in social media management.

6. Risk Taking

Sometimes campaigns fail and ideas do not take off, and that’s okay. Social media marketing, especially social media 2.0, is still relatively new and you need some wiggle room. You will fail at times, but you cannot learn what works without learning what doesn’t.

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October 19, 2018

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