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6 Red-Hot LinkedIn Tips For Entrepreneurs

How savvy are you with LinkedIn? Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newbie just getting started, learning the ins and outs of the social network does not happen overnight. Here are 6 red-hot LinkedIn tips all entrepreneurs should know.

• Personalize your connection requests
It’s best not to use the generic “I’d like to connect on LinkedIn” note when reaching out to potential connections. Impress the potential contact by customizing your request and by including the following: person’s name, customized greeting, a reminder of how you met and a thank you at the end.

• Update your headline & photo
Your headline and photo are the first things that others notice when they visit your LinkedIn page, so make sure the headline is simple, catchy and engaging and the photo is a clear headshot of you. It is also best practice to speak about your goals, interests and professional skills. A headline should be no more than 6 words.

• Fill in your experience
Don’t just add the company name, position and the dates of employment to your LinkedIn resume. Complete the experience section using targeted keywords and accomplishments. Also include education, projects, volunteer work and causes.

• Spend at least 1 hour a day on LinkedIn
Using LinkedIn on a consistent basis is a powerful way to yield results. Get your message in front of millions of people and position yourself as an authority figure within your industry. This will ultimately drive your bottom line when and if it is used effectively.

• Create a Call to Action (CTA)
In the summary section of your profile, write a clear and concise CTA that explains to your connections and networks exactly what you would do for them. Whether it is wanting them to call you, visit your website or sign up to your RSS feeds, you must explicitly state it.

• Make sure your profile reflects your goals and aspirations
By consistently updating your profile will keep your connections updated on what you have been doing lately. You can create a long post article about a challenging issue your customers are facing or attach a video you just uploaded onto YouTube. As well, you can add projects you are working on and tag other members of your team.

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April 28, 2015

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