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6 Twitter Features Every Marketer Should Use

With 284 million monthly active users and 80% of them active on mobile, Twitter has become a major social networking platform. Today, the social media platform dominates the entertainment industry and is utilized as a marketing tool by media for advertising where brands communicate with their followers. Twitter is constantly adding new features for marketers, from advertising tools to design changes.

Below are the TOP Twitter features to help marketers take advantage of this micro blogging platform:

Objective-Based Campaigns

Twitter onjective based campaign

There is a new way to optimize your campaign performance. Instead of using Promoted Tweets or Promoted Accounts to reach out to your target audience, Twitter introduced objectives- based campaigns to make the creation, measurement and optimization easier for successful marketing campaigns.

Marketers can select from a range of objectives, including Leads on Twitter, Tweet Engagements, Website Clicks or Conversions. Also your analytics will show metrics that are more relevant to your goals. Now, you will only pay when users take action aligned to you campaign objectives. The objective-based campaigns ensure you will pay only for the results that impact your marketing goals.


Advance Search

Twitter advance search



If you are looking for new followers or relevant hashtags, Twitter’s search tool works great. But if you are expecting more specific results, you can utilize Advanced Search.

This tool is more relevant and useful because it allows narrowing search results. It also gives you an ability to include and exclude certain keywords, find mentions of people or products.

Embeddable Timelines

This feature lets you integrate several tweets on your timeline and display them across your website or blog. It is also a good way to add fresh and dynamic content. Embeddable timelines are interactive and empower visitors to reply and start new conversations, retweet and favorite tweets directly from the website. It is a great tool to feature your tweets during a specific campaign or event.


Social Photos

Twitter Social photos


In March 2014, Twitter introduced 2 features that make photos more social. Firstly, the social media platform allows you to tag more than 10 people to engage users in posts; a tagged user will then receive a notification. This feature can be useful for organizing events and conferences.

The second feature allows users to share up to four pictures in single tweet. Available on iPhone, Android and Twitter.com, both features can be integrated and displayed in the embedded tweets.

Promoted Video

Twitter social photos 2

Video is an incredible storytelling communication tool for brands. Twitter released a new tool that enables advertisers to upload, distribute and promote videos on Twitters. It makes easier for brands to transfer and share videos on Twitter through Twitter Amplify program, as well as measure the effectiveness of video content.


Tweet Activity Dashboard

twitter activity dashboard

The Tweet Activity Dashboard can be used to learn about how your followers engage with your tweets. You are able to see how people engage with your tweets in real time, as well as obtain a detailed view of the number of Retweets, favorites, replies and new followers. You can compare your tweet activity month over month and see your tweets’ trends. Also, users can determine which content catches the most attention as well as the best time to post content. By using the dashboard, marketers can optimize social media strategies and grow awareness. To access the dashboard, log in the Twitter analytics page with your Twitter username and password.

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December 16, 2014

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