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7 Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts

The way you craft Facebook posts could mean the difference between engagement and no engagement. And with the latest change in the newsfeed algorithm, more engagement means more reach. And the more people you reach the more likes, comments and shares you get. Our social media marketing course lecturers have compiled a list of 7 tips for writing more engaging Facebook posts.


Facebook engagement

1. Be Natural

Facebook is a social network with a fan and relaxing environment. Your writing should have a natural and informal approach to it. No one wants to read boring, bulky posts.

2. Be Relevant

Facebook is aiming to be the #1 digital newspaper on the World Wide Web with its new “Instant Articles” publisher platform. Your posts should therefore be written with immediate action in mind. That means that your posts should be written so that they can be read and engaged with right now.

3. Be Visual

Video posts create the most engagement on Facebook organically, more than image posts, link posts and text updates. You may wish to attach a unique and customized cover image as well as use their paid advertising program to increase video views beyond your current fan base.

4. Be Succinct

The shorter your posts, the better the engagement they garner. Posts of 80 characters (this includes spaces) or less are the most engaging. Include clear Call-To-Actions (CTA) that tell your fans exactly what they need to do.

5. Be Emotional

Emotional posts sell and encourage fans to share and click. Try to find good verbs that scream for reactions and commentary.

6. Post Quotes

Inspirational and motivational quotes work very well across all social media platforms. People love to relate to great things that were said by famous people. Try to couple these posts with one of the following hashtags: #MondayMotivation, #MotivationalMondays #FundayFriday.

7. Use Full Links

Use only full URLS when posting a link to an external website. Shortened URLs get 3X less engagement than full length URLs.

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July 8, 2015

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