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9 Important SEO Trends | Your Ultimate Guide for 2022

9 Important SEO Trends in 2022 That Can Be Learned Through Our Online Digital Marketing Course

1. Producing High-Quality Content

Quality content for SEO purposes is unique, engaging, and made for humans, not search engines. This is predominantly defined by content that is relevant and interesting to your audience, isn’t misleading, is accurate and well organized. Most importantly, the quality content must also include your targeted keywords or you have missed the point of creating the quality content.

So how do you get quality content in your Digital Marketing Campaign?  Start by asking yourself these 5 questions:

  • What are your Marketing goals?
  • What are you creating content for?
  • Where will it be published?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How long will your content be?

The next step is to do your keyword research:

  • “Search Volume” The number of searches performed for a specific keyword. With higher volume, the keyword is searched frequently.
  • “Competitiveness” If a keyword is used a lot it means that the competition for the keyword is high and it can be harder to get noticed using that specific keyword. Aim to use lower competition keywords.
  • “Related Keywords” Are keywords that are related/relevant to your main keyword?

Keyword research resources. I recommend using SEMrush, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and Google trends.

2. Focus on keywords based on Search Intent

Search intent is the reasoning for a user’s search. Remember, a web visitor may not use the same keywords to search for your product or service that you would think of. Their knowledge of the industry terms will likely be more basic. Accordingly, the search terms from a web visitor will likely be more basic or simple. This is why we focus on “search intent”.

Different types of Search intent

  • Informational intent” Is specific questions, for example, “How to make pasta sauce”
  • Navigational Intent” For Users searching for a specific website, for example, if you search for Facebook, the first website that pops up is Facebook.com
  • Transactional Intent” Intent to buy something, for example, “monitors for sale”
  • Commercial Intent” An item intended to be bought in the future, for example, “best TVs for $500”
  • Keyword Intent” Gives insight into users’ intent, for example, keywords such as buy, deal, discount, information, how-to, why, and the best way.

Research who your audience is and create your keywords and title around their search intent.


3. Video & Image Content

Video and Image Content is the visuals you display on your websites, such as images, videos, gifs, graphs, charts, and screenshots.


  • Visual content is important because simple visuals can help the reader better understand the content (making the document more readable).
  • Ranks your website higher on Google (higher rank on SERPs). At least 91% of people prefer to consume visual content over written content. Having a blog post with a video is 53X more likely to wing up on a Google Search result.
  • Diversifying content is what users want. Users prefer to consume content visually, if the users like what they see you will easily rank higher.
  • Visitors spend more time on sites. Visual content does a great job of grabbing users’ attention and holding on to it.
  • Generates more backlinks. Using infographics brings high-quality backlinks improving the credibility of your website.


4. Mobile Users Through SEO

With over 57% of the global internet users going through mobile devices, it is critically important that mobile optimization is a key factor to having a successful website. If you are not active on Mobile SEO you are missing out on a big chunk of website traffic.

Benefits of Mobile SEO

  • Generates more web traffic by at least 50%
  • Having a fast load speed benefits your Google ranking (under 2 seconds)
  • Improves user experience. Having users succeed in using your mobile website makes the user experience easy and leaves the customer happy.
  • Decreases website bounce rate – this means users find what they are looking for.
  • Optimizing for voice search is an easy way to get a slight boost in website traffic.
  • Responsive on all devices. Test the responsiveness of your website using this Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test


5. Brand SERP

What is a brand SERPs?

Brand SERP is the result Google shows when users search for your exact brand name. SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

What does brand SERP benefit?

Brand SERP can be thought of as your digital business card, a reflection of your brand’s content, a taste of your brand from Google’s main results page.

A brand SERP represents how Google and people view your information. At the same time, it can show you what you’re doing wrong, and what you’re doing right on your content strategy.

A brand SERP can show a Google user many things

  • Brand identity
  • Service of the brand
  • CEO of brand
  • Contact information
  • Working hours of the brand
  • Brands product
  • Negative and positive comments about the brand
  • Logo of the brand
  • Website of the brand

How does Google decide what to show its users?

Google chooses to show the #1 Content that is the most relevant. Create content that is intriguing and clean, make sure users can view content easily, and make sure google sees the users’ engagement rate on your website.

To learn more visit – (Source)

6. Core Web Vitals (CWVs)

What does Core Web Vitals mean in Digital Marketing?

Core Web Vitals are the different metrics that are incorporated into your website’s performance. Core Web Vitals may include a page’s load speed (LCP), visual stability (CLS), and interactivity (FID).

Core Web Vitals are important for many reasons, one of them being the user’s overall experience. The better experience a user has will likely increase “user satisfaction”, also making them more likely to make a purchase, or suggest your website to others, ext.

LCP Definition -Largest Contentful Paint

LCP Measures the loading time of a viewable section on the website and how long it takes to render the content.

CLS Definition – Cumulative Layout Shift

This measures the visual stability of your website. For example, how long it takes for an ad, image, or text takes to load and how stable it will load compared to other content. Another example, if you accidentally add an item to your cart and want to delete it, then you go to press delete, and the website’s page shifts and you accidentally order the item, this is an example of bad CLS.

FID Definition – First Input Delay

Measures how long a browser reacts to a user’s interaction. The faster a browser reacts, the more responsive the page will appear. An example of this is when you click on the about section of a website and nothing happens. That slight delay can lead to the user being unsatisfied and uninterested. It might appear that your website is poorly made.


7. Relatable Brand

Being a company that just relies on logic is not the best course of action, being relatable and welcoming can improve your brand’s credibility and overall satisfaction of users.

3 steps to making your brand relatable:

  1. Have a staff that is eager to do their job every day. Having clueless staff who are unsure of what the brand’s goals and objectives are is unacceptable.
  2. Brands Voice, what is your brand’s identity and how can it be related to your brand’s voice. Disney has an energetic voice while Nike has an inspirational brand voice.
  3. Be authentic and show personality. Authenticity in a brand stands out to its users. Creating stories about your brand that are relatable can boost a user’s trust in your brand.

Overall being relatable and humanizing your brand will always be beneficial to your brand and can even boost the user engagement rate.

8. The use of Links/Backlinks

What is an Inbound link/backlink and why should I use it?

An inbound link is a link that leads from someone else’s website to your website.

Links can determine a website’s rank and tell search engines where to show your website. To get an idea of what backlinking is I will give you an example, say you ask many basketball players who the best basketball player is and they all say, Lebron James, then you become pretty confident that you are getting the right facts.

There are three rules to backlinking – EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust)

  • You will never gain backlinks without good content
  • Without links, you will never reach the front page of google
  • The links you get can’t just come from anywhere, they need to be well known and credible

What is an Outbound link?

An outbound link is a link that leads from your website to someone else’s website. They are often used to add more context to the information you provided. Outbound links back up the information you had published. Outbound links increase relevance, popularity, reputation, and value, it also encourages the use of backlinks.

Does Outbound linking affect SEO

Yes, a study was done by the Marketing firm Reboot and it showed positive reasoning to use an outbound link. Reboot’s thesis was that Google can determine the authority of a website based on the pages it links to. For the experiment Reboot made ten websites with 300 words, all websites target the same keywords, five of the website’s links lead to a credible source, and the other five websites don’t link to anything. The websites were similar but not similar enough to break any regulations. The experiment showed that the websites that were linked to a credible website were ranked higher on Google. There are uncontrolled variables in the experiment and questions to be asked but overall the experiment’s thesis was correct.

What is an internal link?

An internal link is a link on your website that leads to another page or tab through your website.

Internal link can allow users to understand the content on a deeper level and allows you to get your content across to users and Google easier. Internal linking tells Google which part of your content is more important and gives google a hierarchy of information. Internal links can help users navigate through your website and discover new and old versions of your content.


9. Automation

SEO automation and what does it mean?

SEO automation is the operation of taking tasks and automating them using software, therefore saving your brand time, money, and resources.

SEO operations that can be automated

  • Rank Tracking, rank tracking allows you to see what your website is doing right and wrong, this simple tool can help you reach the top of the google page.
  • Competitor Analysis, is used to see what competitors are doing right and what keywords they are using, and what pages of theirs are ranking high. This can also be used to see what your competitors are doing badly and how you can use that to your advantage.
  • Website Performance/Site Monitoring, see what links and images aren’t working and see the different Core Web Vitals and how well they are performing.
  • Backlink Analysis, with this software you can see what websites are backlinking to you and what websites are backlinking to your competitors.

For more info on choosing the right software please visit (Source)


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