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Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course

At the beginning of 2019 the worldwide population of active internet users was 4.4 billion people. No less than 3.5 billion of those were active social media users.

Whether you are a complete beginner, business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill, this Digital Marketing program is perfect for you.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Professional course introduces you to all key Digital Marketing concepts and best practices: from mobile and social media marketing to email marketing, PPC marketing (Google Ads) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course


Part-Time (35 Hours)


Intermediate – Advanced




CAD $2,999


Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course


  • New and revised condensed modules (introduction, social media, analytics and strategy).
  • 130+ topics with new learning interactions.
  • New practice exam and test.

Created by industry experts. Teaching the most up to date and relevant global Digital Marketing Skills needed to be WORK READY.

Our courses are designed with step by step or walk-through instructions and are updated on a regular basis.
The Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course has been used in customized training programs for organizations such as

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Certification Of Digital Marketing


Syllabus & Course Overview

Your certification and internationally recognized accreditation in Digital Marketing provides you with an detailed understanding of how to effectively set up and implement powerful campaigns that are proven to work. From Social Media Marketing to Search Marketing, you’ll learn everything you need for success in your Digital Marketing career.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (DMI-CDMP) Course Graduate - Testimonial

“The knowledge I gained at the Digital Marketing Institute has helped me in my current role, executing marketing campaigns on a global scale.”

Certification Of Digital Marketing

What competencies will you gain?

By earning this certification with internationally recognized accreditation, you will:

Understand Key Digital Marketing Concepts

Understand the key concepts of digital, how it has changed customer behavior and the implication this provides for your marketing role and business as a whole.

Get Results

Achieve business goals by understanding how to create, implement, manage and measure digital campaigns that are engaging and produce ROI.

Identifying Strategies

Understand the value of the various digital channels and strategies and integrate the use of SEO, paid search (Google Ads), blog content, digital advertising and email marketing to drive customer engagement.

Supporting your online learning journey …

Our professional certifications are available to study online via our online learning environment. You will have exclusive access to:

HD Video Lectures

With downloadable course material.


To help you with your studies including practical exercises and recommended reading.

Animated Image of Online Digital Marketing Professional Course Student Receiving Online Support & Certification

Certification Roadmap for Industry Professionals

Our suite of courses and certifications enables professionals – at all stages of their career – to progress from Associate to Professional to a Masters in Digital Marketing. Our courses focus on teaching our students the most updated and industry aligned skills that can be applied to various Digital Marketing roles and drive career success.

3 Course Options

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DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course Graduate

92% of our graduates have said that the DMAC course has had a positive impact on their career

Our certifications, developed together with industry experts and world-class specialists, have helped a generation of  marketing professionals advance their careers.

What our alumni have to say

"Between the course management team, comprehensive learning content and weekly blogs on the Digital Marketing Institute website, I felt that my learning experience was very well supported overall."

Anna Moldovan

Anna Moldovan


"When I decided to rejoin the workforce, I recognized the digital skills gap in my CV, and knew it needed to be addressed before approaching potential employers."

Sinead Holmes

Sinead Holmes


"The course came highly recommended by a friend and after researching various other digital marketing courses, the Digital Marketing Insitute was an obvious choice for me to make."

Davin Kelly

Davin Kelly


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We understand the importance of your time and financial commitment when making the decision to pursue a professional certification. Some important considerations are explained in our FAQs.

If you have a question not covered below or would prefer to chat with one of our representatives, please contact us directly.

What are the advantages of taking this course?

A Digital Marketing Certificate accelerates your career, your business, and your success.

Half of today’s marketing jobs require digital skills. A strong online presence is essential to any business. A professional certification of digital marketing gets you or your business noticed by the employers or customers who need what you have to offer.

Employers are looking for people with the skills, knowledge and commitment to professional growth that our course provides. Clients and customers are looking for your brand, product, or service.

Your role as a marketing professional is enhanced by the competencies gained through our course. With your understanding of the digital landscape and how it impacts and measures consumer behaviour, you can use digital strategies to create engaging and successful marketing campaigns.

Who is the Certified Digital Marketing Professional program for?

Our program is for you if you want to launch a new career in digital marketing and stay current and relevant as a marketing professional. It’s also ideal for you as an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to propel the success of your business.

Our course will give you the tools to market yourself or your business with confidence and credibility.

Is a certification of digital marketing as valuable as a degree?

In many ways, a Digital Marketing Certificate is the new “degree.”

Employers are looking for working knowledge of SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. DMAC’s course gives you a solid foundation of these skills and shows your commitment to evolve and grow as a marketing professional.

Entrepreneurs, regardless of their educational background, work smarter with an understanding of how to use digital marketing to generate leads and convert sales.

Our course gives you the tools to make a positive impact where it matters to you.

Will this certification help me when applying for marketing jobs outside of Canada?

Our program is globally recognized. The knowledge, skills, connections and resources gained from our internationally- accredited course opens up career and business opportunities worldwide.

DMAC’s online learning environment gives you access to industry leaders and relevant resources. Certification allows you ongoing access to our content library and Continued Professional Development area, ensuring that your knowledge and skills are always evolving and supported.

Do I have time to take this course?

Our course fits your schedule. DMAC offers the opportunity to study online with a schedule and pace of your own design. With our resources and curriculum accessible to you at any time, you can access what you need, when you need it.

A Certification of Digital Marketing is completed in approximately 30 hours.

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Boost your credibility, improve your knowledge, role and career.

Internationally Accredited Certificate

Course Price $2,499

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