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Are You The #ModernSeinfeld?

Do you remember Seinfeld? Arguably, the beloved sitcom brilliantly captured the essence of the 1990s. It starred Jason Alexander, Jerry Seinfeld, Julie Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards and is famously known for being “a show about nothing”.

What if the show was still live today? Twitter account @SeinfeldToday and other Seinfeld fans explore possible plot lines if the show was airing today using the hashtag #ModernSeinfeld to facilitate the discussion.

I was going through the tweets and was amazed at how good they actually were.




modern seinfeld


The good news is that the hashtag, #ModernSeinfeld, has the potential to grow – BIG TIME!  Seinfeld has been off air for 16 years. Reruns are still being shown on Fox, YouTube, iTunes and on DVD. But people are growing tired of watching the reruns and are looking to get creative with their imagination. Social Media platforms like Twitter provide them with the place and time to do so.

Everyone can be creative if they put their mind to it. All you need is a vision/idea and the will to seed the development of that vision/idea.   Social Media can and will do the rest.

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Editor’s Comments:

I chose to write on the topic of Modern Seinfeld for one specific reason. Many people who take our courses are skeptical about posting something on social media in fear that they will lose their jobs over it. That is not necessarily the case. Jack Moore, the man behind @SeinfeldToday, landed himself a job with Fox’s sitcom Us & Them, given the popularity of his Twitter account. Moore has over 840K followers, including Jason Alexander, and that was enough to impress the creators of Us & Them.

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April 6, 2015

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