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Avoid Scams – Read This Buying Facebook Likes Review

Buying fake Facebook likes is not a social media strategy.  As tempting as it may be for new companies building their presence on the social network, don’t do it!

Social Media Marketing or Social Networking is about connecting with people, not collecting numbers.  As well, it’s about creating a community of individuals who comment on, like and share your content. If the only metrics you look at are the number of likes and fans your page has, you’re not measuring the truth value of your campaign.

The following are 5 reasons why buying Facebook likes is never a good idea:

  1. Likes bought from “click farms” are low-quality. They almost never have an interest in what you are selling and only end up wasting space.
  2. Often the likes you receive from “click farms” are from fake accounts or accounts set up only for the purpose of liking Facebook pages. It is like having a large Wedding Invite card list you mail cards to, and no one will open it or respond.
  3. Click farms often staff people from foreign countries who do not necessarily speak the same language as you and your customers. Even if they were individuals who might be interested, would they be able to read your content? Would you be able to deliver products/services to them? Don’t be fooled by the fake US addresses they add in their contact page.
  4. Since the likes are not authentic people interested in your product/service, the ratio of likes to engagement on your page will be extremely low, which sends a signal to Facebook that your Page is low quality, not relevant, or more than likely spam.
  5. Facebook will decrease your organic reach because of this and you will find yourself needing to spend more moneyon boosting posts on paid ads to pay for visibility within Facebook.


What About Sites Claiming to Give ‘Real’ Likes?

Some websites claim to offer ‘real’ likes for a small fee. From the research digital marketing team has done, they are anything but real, and the ‘people’ that form part of the bought Likes will definitely not engage with your posts. Ever.


June 18, 2015

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