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How to Benefit From Your Employees’ LinkedIn

Having your entire workforce on LinkedIn could be advantageous to you and your company.

Unfortunately, not every business owner agrees with the statement and feels the need to block employee access to the social network. According to 2014 study by Statista, 10% of employees in the U.S. are not permitted to go on LinkedIn as the access is blocked.  The most cited reasons for the censorship are that employers are afraid that their staff will waste time looking for new jobs and socializing online.

Here we examine 5 ways you and your company can benefit from a focused digital marketing strategy that encourages employees to use LinkedIn on a daily basis:

1. Increased Brand Visibility

7 in 10 employees are likely to engage with their company’s updates on LinkedIn, which is advantageous to the latter because it increases its visibility among the former’s connections. Think of your staff as brand ambassadors.  The more views your company page gets, the more potential followers it could garner. In fact, a 2014 study by BrightEdge showed that 9 out of the top ten brands with the most followers on LinkedIn had at least 60% of their employees’ active on LinkedIn.

2. Makes Your Business Look More “Human”

With more and more of your people on LinkedIn, your brand authenticity and transparency increases and in the process your enterprise becomes humanized. A humanized brand is much like a living person or any other breathing organism. Its definition is dependent on those that love, like or even dislike like.  The sooner you can acknowledge the importance of becoming a human brand and the need to truly inspire and connect with your audiences, the sooner you will see results and progress of your efforts.

3. Increased ROI

According to Weber Shandwick, employees with socially-encouraging bosses are more likely to help boost ROI than employees who don’t have that support – 72% vs. 48%. Unfortunately, only 1 in 3 employers (33.33%) are doing that and encouraging their staff to share news and information. The other 66.66% is underestimating the power of Word of Mouth Marketing. It’s important to remember that consumers are more likely to trust their friends’ and contacts’ opinions rather than that of a complete stranger.

4. Increased Media Mentions

LinkedIn Pulse is now open to everyone with a knack for writing. Anyone with an account on LinkedIn is able to write an article, link it to their corporate website, publish it and distribute it to their connections. If enough people share, like and read it, LinkedIn will give it a wider distribution by featuring it in one or more of its channels (social media, marketing, leadership etc.) Getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse with other influencers, such as Bill Gates, James Altucher and Tony Robbins, is like being featured on the first page of the daily newspaper or having your article published on Forbes.com or Fortune.com. The amount of traffic you can gain from the media mention is infinite!

5. Premium Accounts

LinkedIn offers 4 premium account options for it users. The two that companies should consider investing in are:

  • Grow and Nurture Your Networks and
  •  Unlock Sales Opportunities

With the “Grow and Nurture Your Network” option, your employees can promote and grow your business, maximize the power of your network and enhance your professional brand.

With “Unlock Sales Opportunities”, employees can find leads and accounts in your target market, get real-time insight for warm outreach and build trusted relationships with customers and prospects.

 DMAC specializes in online and in-house corporate training, developing customized and sustainable educational solutions for their staff and management. From conception to implementation, our team training can help you and your employees set up optimized LinkedIn pages and build a stable following. We will also train you and your “brand ambassadors” on the premium LinkedIn accounts, so that you confidently understand each program and its full benefits.

To learn more about Social Media Marketing click here. For more informations regarding DMAC’s customized corporate training sessions click here.


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August 5, 2020

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