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Best Practices for Your WhatsApp Business Marketing Strategy

One week ago, we published this article on the introduction of WhatsApp Business. We covered how to set-up WhatsApp Business for your company. Setting up an account however, is the least time consuming part of using WhatsApp marketing for your business. So now that you have an account you must be asking yourself, what type of campaigns are ideal for WhatsApp marketing? In this article we’ll show you some practical insight on what to do and what not to do for your WhatsApp Business marketing.

A Short Introduction to WhatsApp Business

Let’s recapitulate quickly on what WhatsApp Business is and what it can do for you. WhatsApp Business is a messaging platform that allows your customers to chat with you via WhatsApp once they’ve added your businesses mobile phone number to their contact list. WhatsApp Inc. targets small business owners with their new application since it’s a great way for you and your customers to reach out to one another. When you know how to use WhatsApp’s unique characteristics without working against them, you will stay ahead of the competition. Combine this with the absence of corporate presence and no advertisements on WhatsApp, and you can really set yourself apart from your competitors.

Five Ways to Use WhatsApp Business for your Marketing Purposes

Below we cover five ways for you to better connect with your customers and display your products and services through WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business | Customer Support

WhatsApp Business offers you as a business owner many tools to assist your customers with real time customer service. For example, create video presentations on how-to’s for things they can do themselves without the requirement of a professional. You can even use live-video to help your customer fix something. Your business will come off as a reliable partner they can count on and which is able to provide extended services when necessary. Apart from video, you can use chat, voice calls or images to communicate with your customers in real time. This strategy increases the quality of your service and allows you to be loyal to your audience at the same time, thanks to the direct and personalized approach.

A great example of this can be found in the WhatsCook campaign from Hellman’s. Brazilian consumers could send a picture of the contents of their refrigerator to Hellman’s using WhatsApp. Chefs then offered tips and inspiration on what to cook with those ingredients.

Write Compelling Messages and Use Multimedia

WhatsApp offers you lots of ways to jazz up your messages such as alternating between italics and bold text to highlight important information. To use italics you need to place the word or phrase between low hyphens. The same goes for bold except you don’t put the text between low hyphens but between asterisks. To even better attract and keep the attention of your audience you can supplement your text messages with videos, GIF’s photographs or web links. Finally, feel free to use emoji’s if these are in line with your business and the message you’re getting across.

WhatsApp Business | Provides a Personal Touch

To personalize the interaction with your target audience you can use one-on-one communication. Build a direct relationship with your customers so that they feel comfortable sending a message to ask all of their questions about products or services.

Use WhatsApp Business for Giveaways and Special Access

Generate traffic to your physical store or your website by using giveaways. You can share these with your contacts using the Status feature on WhatsApp Business. The Status feature is similar to Stories on Instagram and Snapchat: You add photos or videos to your Status and your contacts are able to see these during a time span of 24 hours. After that the photos or videos on your Status will disappear.

WhatsApp business can grant your customers special access to your events. For example, you can share a musician who is performing in your music store via the Status feature. Absolute Vodka took the special access campaign to the extreme for the launch of their Limited Edition Absolut Unique bottle collection in Argentina. The brand hosted a very exclusive party which you could only attend after receiving tickets from their imaginary bouncer called ‘Sven’. People wanting to go to the party had to convince Sven via WhatsApp to hand them an entrance ticket.

WhatsApp Business | Create Groups and Receive Feedback

As a small business, chances are your brand specializes in a specific product or service. A great way to increase the customer base for your business is by creating or accessing groups in WhatsApp that share an interest in related topics. Members of these groups can for example take your content out of the group and share it personally with their friends, increasing the reach of your WhatsApp marketing. Those friends might join the group as well and who knows, they might end up as new customers for your business.

Another use for groups on WhatsApp is feedback. In our previous article we told you that the open rate for messages in WhatsApp is 98%. Instead of sending emails with surveys or calling your customers you can simply ask your questions through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business for Marketing | Some Final Advice before Getting Started

Before starting your own campaign on WhatsApp we want to give you some practical advice. Prevent the usage of third-party WhatsApp marketing tools and services to set up multiple WhatsApp accounts and groups for marketing purposes. Your account might get blocked because of those third-party apps and services. Keep in mind that mass messaging can damage your brand as well on this type of platform. Be sure to keep your messages personal at all times and ensure that you can handle the customer enquiries. It doesn’t make any sense to get your customers to reach out to you on WhatsApp when you simply don’t have the time or resources to get back to them. Finally, avoid being perceived as being invasive or a spammer. Send quality messages with many paragraphs instead of flooding your contacts with a dozen messages sent repeatedly.

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August 2, 2019

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  2. Customer engagement is a very important aspect of any marketing strategy. One more effective way to engage customers is by sending relevant messages to target customers. We can achieve this by sending web push notification to the users.

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