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Blogging as a Social Media Marketing Campaign

There’s a very good reason why employers ask for references in job applications. Employers want an objective, point of view and not just what the applicant says about themselves on their resumes. A third-party source can go a long way. We are more prone to believe a stranger’s opinion than a self-assessment. The same thought can be applied to blogs as a form of marketing campaigns. As a third-party, bloggers have an incredible amount of trust and reach. People trust them as a creditable source of information and that is why audiences are following more and more bloggers in these days.

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Why a business needs blogging for a social media marketing campaign

Why Blogging is a Crucial Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are publishing content as a way to build their audiences and increase traffic coming to their blog. However, they may not be getting everything they could from each piece of content they create. That is when they turn to social media for help.

A few years ago, blogging and social media were separate entities and digital marketing experts would never have thought they would be compatible one day. Blogging was long-form, serious, and crafted. Social media was short-form, personal, and spontaneous. Digital Marketers predicted that social media would replace blogging entirely because people were prone to having short attention spans. THEY WERE DEAD WRONG!

Now blogging and social media not only coexist, but they complement each other. The trick is to use a blog to enrich your social media with long-form posts, and to use social media to promote and even curate your content. The following are reasons why blogging is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

Blogging increases traffic and engagement to your target audiences

Studies show that companies consider blogging to be one of the most important factors in increasing site traffic. Blogs are used for search engine optimization (SEO) which makes your website more likely to appear in search results and therefore more likely that people visit your page. Fresh and engaging content equals higher search results! The more blogging you do, the more traffic your site will get and the better engagement with your target audience.

People Trust Bloggers on the Information They are Sharing

When people are deciding on buying a product or a service, they often search, look at the information and read about it. The source of this information usually comes from blogs. According to a study by Technocrati, blogs are ranked highly among sources of trustworthy information. Because of this, blogs are incredibly influential. This in turn helps broaden your target audiences to reach your business goal.

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Consumers Look to Bloggers

By bringing bloggers on your side, your product by people they trust. Studies show that an overwhelming amount of the online population (roughly 80 per cent) trust what bloggers have to say. That kind of trust is invaluable.

Traditional Advertising isn’t Enough

The marketing landscapes of 2016 are not the same as it was in 1996, or 2006, or even 2011. Think about your day-to-day life today. You’re constantly connected to people worldwide and getting the juiciest gossips from your app of choice. Email is more convenient than postal mail. The best television broadcasting is being featured on streaming apps and you can buy groceries online and have them delivered to your door in less than a day. Today’s world is very different!

Nowadays, people are far more likely to believe in a third-party than a self-assessment. Traditional advertising is in essence a self-assessment. Also, traditional advertising cannot be tracked.

Blogging is much more effective than traditional marketing because the company product or service is being praised by a genuine “consumer” and that speaks volumes. And at the end of the day that is the ideal. That is really who we want to hear from, the people. With blogging as a social media marketing campaign this is easily done, the only real question is, is it for real?

DMAC is a great place to learn how to create and implement engaging and successful social media marketing campaigns for business’ to implement or to teach a marketing team the means to kick up their digital marketing game and take their company to the next level. Customized corporate training seminars help employees learn to have more practical experiences. We train your team how to create strategies and techniques to successfully manage social media campaigns internally. By armouring your marketing team with tools and knowledge of social media marketing, it will give them the confidence to do it on their own, which will empower them to do more.

August 30, 2016

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