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Digital Marketing Meets Podcast: Integrating Podcasts as Part of Your Digital Strategy

Do you ever take the time to just stop and observe what’s happening around you? It’s 2017 and a on a busy Monday afternoon. Everyone is living a fast paced life, either heading to work, to class, or a baseball game. Well there’s only one thing that everyone has in common, they all have a smartphone. With the rise of technology, especially smartphones, marketers developed innovative ways to market products to the consumer. Everywhere you go, either online or in the real world, there is always some form of advertisement that’s geared towards you.
Marketing your product or service on a podcast can be very effective. Most people think that listening to a podcast requires countless hours in a quiet room. However, that’s not the case. People who listen to podcasts are usually multitasking. Now moving on, have you ever been persuaded into purchasing a product or service by just listening? This is how marketing through podcasting works. For anyone who doesn’t know what podcasting is about, senior course lecturers from our Toronto based digital marketing training agency will explain you how podcasts work.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is like running a personal radio station. It’s all audio based and there are usually one or more people in the room talking through a microphone while discussing a specific topic. Except it’s all online and it’s a digital file that can be downloaded onto your phone or personal computer. You can listen to your favorite podcasts on the go whenever it fits your schedule. Now, like a radio station there are an abundance of topics you can listen to that caters to your interests. Whether you’re into politics, gaming, business, social media marketing or adapting to a specific lifestyle, there’s always something for someone. Realistically anyone with a computer, microphone and interesting topic can start off a podcast. Setting up is as easy as singing you’re ABC’s. The best thing about podcasting is that its free! If you’re interested in a specific starter microphone that won’t break the bank and has good quality sound, check out the white USB Microphone Snowball [Link]. Also, we recommend using the program Audacity. This program is free and it allows you to record, edit and add in sounds to make your overall podcast sound clear and professional. There is an abundance of YouTube tutorials for you to listen and learn from.

Source: Millennial Marketers – Digital Marketing Podcast – Episode #1

Consider Using Podcasting for Digital Marketing Purposes

Before diving into creating a podcast for your business, consider the purpose of it. Are you looking to:
A) Increase your overall sales?
B) Bringing in new customers?
C) Increase brand awareness?
D) Increase your social media marketing footprint?
Whatever the reason is, you have to sit down and identify your marketing objective first. Your next step is to prepare the interview or material you will be recording that will feature the product or service. Always be creative and try to implement material to make yourself different from other podcasts that are already out there. Always keep in mind that your podcast is for your business, meaning that listeners aren’t expecting an amateurish sound. The sound quality is key in making your podcast sound professional.

Advantages of Incorporating Podcasting for Your Marketing Needs

There are many effective ways to use podcasting to serve your digital marketing needs.
• Affordability: Comparing to traditional methods of marketing your company / product, podcasting would be one of the less expensive ways to spread brand awareness of your business. Creating a podcast is easy. As we said before, you’ll need a microphone, computer, exciting / motivating topic, one / well-spoken people and a social media campaign.
• Develop a New Target Market: When applying your podcast to your business, you open doors to new possibilities. Meaning that you have access to a new potential audience that will be interested in learning more about your company and what services / products you offer. Instead of them finding out information themselves, they now have you to listen to and inquire more about what you are offering.
• Concealed Discussions: no one likes seeing or listening to advertisements that are constantly barraged in their face. But what if you can present your “promotional content” as a sincere conversation with your audience. If you genuinely discuss your company or product in a way that sounds engaging and not just promotional, you can get many honest and positive engagements.
• Brand Exposure: When discussing anything in your podcast, you are essentially providing yourself with free exposure for your business. In the beginning, discuss key aspects of your business and products. This unique opportunity allows you broadcast tips, general information, news etc.
Tips for Producing a Successful Podcast

Give Your Listeners What They Want

Research trending discussions on the internet and how can you apply that to your podcast general topics. Here are some ideas:
1) Trending news on the topic of your business
2) Evaluations and discussions on a new product / service
3) Q and A’s (Mail in questions, Twitter or Facebook questions, email) Include names, their question and genuine answers based on their question
4) Top 5 Facts or Tips about [Insert idea]. It can be about your product, employees, how you first started your business endeavour etc.
In the beginning and the end of your podcast be sure to mention your “Calls to Action”. What those are can be a variety of things such as:
• Email Subscriptions
• Website
• Social Media Links
• Discounts
• Incentives
• Sample requests

Creating calls to action can give you a huge boost in revenue, engagements on all your social media campaign, brand awareness and new potentially new customers. And remember, the more you properly advertise your podcast, the better chance your will grow your audience.

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About the Author

Raymil Tiu is currently enrolled at Yorkdale ALC completing his certification in Fast Forward Business / Information Technology. His appetite for knowledge in advertising, podcasting and technology has pointed his direction toward Digital Marketing. Raymil has been interning at the Digital Marketing Academy of Canada since April 2017 where he is further enhancing his knowledge and experience in the world of online and digital marketing.

July 13, 2017

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