What will the post-CoVID-19 era look like for the social media marketing world?

If there is anything that we learned from this year, it is that no one can be fully prepared for the future. We can make predictions. We can strategize. We can set SMART goals. Regardless of our efforts, we will have to be ready to shift marketing and business strategies if the time comes for it.

Over the past two months, our online social media marketing course instructors have been participating in professional learning networks on social media and online forums. We have also been carefully perusing all available resources and news reports on the topic of social media marketing in the post CoVID-19 era. Through our conversations and research, we were able to identify 4 common social media marketing trends that can help us prepare for the future.

4 Social Media Trends We’ll See in the Post-CoVID-19 Era | DMAC – Online Social Media Marketing Courses

1.The Decline of Traditional Social Networks

One of the trends we are seeing is the repurposing of social networks. Initially social networks were used for lead generation purposes and to hold virtual meetings. They were also used for everyday chats and to share information on a widespread scale. Now social networks are not really “social”; they are more human, transparent, and honest. More importantly, they feel real-life like.

Take Chipotle as an example of a brand that is embracing the new social networking concept. During the CoVID era, the Mexican Grill food chain has been holding “Chipotle Together” Zoom chats. The videoconferencing event features celebrity guests and as many as 3,000 fans. The aim is to bring people together, to promote social distancing and reduce the likelihood of CoVID spread. Chipotle is also using Zoom as an opportunity to connect with young consumers who are familiar with the platform and use it daily.

Source: gartner.com

2.The Rise of User-Generated Content

We are also seeing the rise of User-Generated Content as a way to engage existing, as well as potential customers. User-generated content is important in the social media marketing world because it helps brands better understand their target audience. It also keeps consumers happy because it makes them an important part of the conversation.

Walmart, Lowe’s and UPS are all leveraging the power of user-generated and employee-generated content. Take a look at some of the examples of campaigns below. Each one features unfiltered content and does a good job at sharing human, realistic visual messages. Each brand realizes that they cannot generate the same amount of visual content as they once used too as many consumers are staying at home and are being cautious…and are learning to adapt to changing times.

User-Generated Campaigns:

Source: business2community.com


3. Use of Live Stream for Customer Engagement

Another trend that is emerging in the social media world and may continue in the post-covid world is the use of live stream for customer engagement purposes. 3 in 5 consumers prefer to watch a live stream video over a pre-recorded one. That’s because live streamed videos give consumers a raw and unfiltered look into a particular brand. It also allows them to interact and react to the content as it is being broadcast and shared.

Any business, regardless of the industry, can benefit from live-stream videos. For example, if you are a business that sells soaps for homes and businesses. You can create a live-stream video that shows consumers how you make your soaps and what different types of soaps you offer. If you are in the restaurant industry, you can also use the live stream tool to take consumers on a tour of your restaurant or to give them a glimpse into some of your featured menu items.

4. Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Soar

Influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon to the social media marketing world and will continue to dominate (and even soar in) the post-CoVID-19 world. Consumers are critical. They are also discerning when it comes to content that they read on social media. This is especially true after the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked the Facebook world in 2018.

Influencers do not have to be celebrities. They can be your regular Joe and Jane customers. Take Daniel Wellington as a great example. The brand’s founder Filip Tysander launched his Swedish watch brand in 2011. To gain traction and influence, he selected relevant (and random) influencers on Instagram and gifted them with his brand’s watches. He encouraged them to post pictures showcasing his products and by using the hashtag #DanielWellington.

This campaign proved to be success for Tysander. Not only was he able to start buzz about his brand through word of mouth but got access to high-quality user-generated content that he was able to use as testimonials from real-life consumers.

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