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Digital Marketing: The Hot Field of Anywhereism

One advantage of working in the digital marketing industry is having access to Anywhereism.   In the digital marketing world, you are unconstrained by time and location. You can literally work wherever you want and at any time; whatever is most convenient for you. It is easy to make a career for yourself by being a “digital nomad”; you just have to know what tools to use and jobs to look for.

The Benefits of Anywhereism

Anywhereism is not for everyone.  But those who decide to pursue it are blissful because they are doing the work they love on their own terms. This is what psychologists define as “internal locus of control”, a belief that life is something you shape, rather than something that happens to you. What you can expect when working anywhere at any time:

Flexible hours

For many people digital nomadism is appealing because it does not oblige them to attend a workplace from 9am – 5pm between Monday and Fridays. Work tends to be sporadic (especially during the holidays) and a lot of time spent at work can be highly unproductive as a result. Having the freedom to pick and choose when to work eliminates the need to waste time.


When working for one company, you come across jobs that you simply do not want to do. And when you want to take on another position in a field that is more appealing, it is taken by another person more senior than you. As a digital nomad, you can choose which work you want to do and cut out the work you are not interested in doing.

Geographic Arbitrage

Digital nomads certainly benefit most from geographic arbitrage. They are not required to drive to work and spend hours in traffic; Americans spend on average 42 hours a year in traffic. They can opt to work in the public library or at their own home. Wherever it is most convenient for them.

Make Money While Traveling

Before becoming a digital marketer and facilitating the online digital marketing courses at DMAC, I was envious of professionals who were able to travel and work. I wanted to become that person. All you need to do isbelieve that you can make it happen and work hard at it.  We will explore in the next section the tools you need to succeed in this lifestyle and career.

Be Your Own Boss 

If you are able to establish a firm routine and strict sense of discipline that you will follow, being your own boss will be the best arrangement yet. No more being told what to do by superiors and trying to climb corporate ladders.

The Digital Nomad Toolkit

8 Essential Tools to  a Digital Nomad working in Digital Marketing

The following are the tools you will need in order to succeed as a digital nomad:

1. Laptop

A perfect travel tool that has long battery life is light weight and does not cost a fortune. Ideally, one with a built in camera.

2. Google Drive

A perfect place to store and share documents that you would need to succeed in your nomadic career. Google Drive files are accessible offline and can be accessed anywhere and at any time — perfect for people with careers that require them to travel.

3. Google Hangouts

A perfect tool for video calls and conferences. It is compatible with any browser and operating system. What’s most convenient is that it has a link to Google Drive and allows you to hang out with your customer and work on a shared Drive document in the same view.

4. Skype

Many people are using Skype to schedule meetings and make online calls, especially international ones, because it is convenient and the rates are reasonable. Another advantageous feature os Skype is that when travelling, you can forward your cell number to your Skype number and receive calls via Skype.

5. Internet

Most of the tools listed above will require internet access, so Internet connection is definitely essential to a digital marketing professional.

6. A Good Headset

When doing a call on Skype or Google Hangouts, it would be ideal to have a quality headset with you that eliminates outside noise.

7. Open Office

This is a free, open source version of the Office package that you can use on Mac or PC.

8. Website

If you need any kind of website for your online business whether it is a blog, portfolio, or online shop then WordPress is the best platform for you. It’s free and SEO friendly.

The Best Careers for Digital Nomads

Web/Graphic Design & Web Development

A large percentage of digital nomads work in the tech industry and have exceptional software development, web design and web development skills. They take advantage of their expert knowledge of HTML5, XML, CSS and JavaScript and seek opportunities on site like oDESK.com, Freelancer.com and eLance.com.


One of the most profitable location independent careers. All you have to do is pick out a topic you are comfortable writing about and blog away. Perhaps consider coupling blogging with Affiliate Marketing (#6).


 Consultants by definition are experts in their field. Companies hire consultants when the work they need done does not justify hiring a full time person.  Or if they do not have the resources to hire and train someone. Digital nomad consultants can work in social media, graphic design or SEO amongst other professions.

Online Business Management

In today’s world, shopping is not limited to malls and brick-and-mortar stores. There is a system for it called drop-shipping, which allows you to basically be the shop front while all the boxing and shipping is done for you elsewhere. Platforms like Shopify will give you the template and tools to get you started.


If you know how to capture some great shots behind the camera, why not make some money out of it while you travel? You can easily start your own business and sell images on stock photography sites like


To become a successful EFL teacher, the aspiring digital nomad will firstly need a love of teaching and all that it entails. Your job will be to help people wanting to learn or improve their existing skills and knowledge of the English language.This can be done via online using services like Skype and Google Hangouts or via traditional classroom settings in other countries.  Working in a classroom will mean that you are committed to one place for a longer period of time. It is a rewarding experience because you will not only be able to teach others, but learn about the world and its cultures too.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers set up a website with advertisements of certain companies and earn a commission on each item sold. There are programs (i.e., Google Adsense) that will place ads on each of your web pages and whenever someone clicks or looks at them, you get paid.


We hope you’ve found our information on digital nomad careers useful. If you would like to kick off your career as a digital nomad and take advantage of the new Anywhereism trend, take our Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course and you will be on your way. The 2 weeks program of this online digital marketing course will be the perfect start for you to assess if this is the career path for you.

November 5, 2015

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