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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For Greater Visibility

When applying to a new job, one of the first things your potential employer will do is search for your LinkedIn profile. Similarly, you may have found the job posting through LinkedIn, putting them directly in contact with your profile. Since this will be their first impression of you, it is important to have a profile that is aesthetically pleasing and chock-full of information that shows your talent, skills, and any information relevant so that the employer knows you are perfect for the available position. This article will give you tips and tricks on how to prepare you profile and make an incredible first impression.

The Importance of Accessibility

Now we know that when it comes to Google, using the right keywords is an essential tool to being featured on the top page. Well, did you know that keywords are just as important on LinkedIn? You want future employers to be able to find you when they do a search for potential applicants. You could have the perfect profile and be an ideal candidate for a position, but if your account is impossible to access, you will not have much success landing a job. Do some research and determine which keywords and phrases your ideal clients in the industry might be searching for and make sure that they appear in your profile. In addition, you want to grow your network by connecting with people in the industry. When it comes to the business world, one of the most important things is networking. Being able to sell yourself and your brand helps to create a big network full of important people. One of the biggest ways to network online is through building connections on Linkedin. Your connections, along with your profile, will help attract people to your account, thus growing your network even more.

The Perfect LinkedIn Profile | Digital Marketing Training Agency

The perfect LinkedIn profile carefully considers both the way it looks as well as the information that is posted to it. These are both key features of a successful profile and having the right display image and content is bound to build credibility and attract industry professionals to it.

Profile Appearance

The first thing people see when they search your profile is your featured image. Although selfies are easy to take and probably make up a portion of your camera roll, they won’t work on your LinkedIn profile. Instead of positing a Snapchat selfie you want to include one that is professional as this makes your profile much more likely to get viewed. An attractive profile picture is one in which you are positioned in front of a simple background, your face takes up at least 60% of the frame, and you are wearing a rather formal outfit. This will help make the perfect first impression that is bound to appeal to future employers. Next, LinkedIn allows you to post a headline that is a quick snapshot of yourself, and if used correctly, should highlight what you offer to a company. Make sure that this headline uses those keywords in a clear and concise manner.

Profile Information

After glancing through your profile, potential employers will be intrigued by what they see and will begin to scroll through the content. Make sure that your profile describes in detail your past experiences and what differentiates you from every other person in the industry. Do not just list the past places you have worked, but share you biggest achievements so that everyone is clearly able to see your potential. In addition, include any awards or honors you have previously received as it is a great way to show off how talented you are at what you do. It is evidence that you have been recognized in your field for your outstanding workmanship, which is something recruiters and clients are looking for.

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So now you LinkedIn profile is eye-catching and full of valuable information about yourself, but how is anyone supposed to trust what is posted? Thankfully, there are many ways for you to establish credibility on LinkedIn. One way is to get recommendations from previous employers and clients. Providing a detailed account of the work that you have done gives those viewing your profile a greater idea of what you are capable of and they are much more likely to trust the information. In addition, you are able to post relevant skills to your profile. What’s great about this feature is that your connections are able to endorse the skills. Obviously, the more people that endorse your relevant skills, the more valuable you will be to any organization.

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January 8, 2018

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