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5 Ways to Convert YouTube Video Viewers into Customers | DMAC

It is everyone’s goal to get viewers engaged from the beginning and to increase your YouTube video views and subscribers list. But the end goal for each brand with a YouTube presence (or the Big ROI as many call it) is not that. It is to turn those YouTube viewers into paying customers. Brands with high conversion rates on YouTube open themselves up a potentially huge revenue stream for their business.

A breakdown of shoppers looking for product reviews:
• 52% of shoppers agree that watching product videos makes them more confident about making a purchase
• 40% of shoppers agree that they would visit a store online or in-person after watching a video
• 46% of shoppers said they would be more likely to seek additional information about a product after watching an online video about it
(source: kissmetrics.com)

With this in mind, you can convert subscribers and viewers into customers too.

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1. Optimize Search with Rich Keywords

Do some keyword research via Google Keyword Planner Tool or Google Trends to see what keywords will drive you the most success. Once you have established your focus keywords, be sure to add them in the titles and descriptions of the videos. We also recommend uploading closed caption files as it improves your search rankings and allows viewers to view the videos without the sound with accuracy.

2. Strategically Place Call-to-Actions

You never want to grab the attention of the viewer and leave them hanging. They will not go digging for your name on Google. They will not go searching for your phone number and address in the phonebook. To not let them slip away, we recommend deciding on the action you would like them to take (i.e. subscribe to channel, sign up for eNewsletter, receive 10% off etc.) Include these calls to actions sparingly throughout the video. Do not leave it to the end as most viewers do not watch the videos in their entirety.

3. Promote Video using Promoted Videos Feature

The majority of brands with YouTube presence post the link to their website in two areas: 1) their channel description; 2) video description. This is not the most optimal way to convert viewers into customers. You first have to advertise the video on YouTube using the site’s Promoted Videos feature. Any video you’re promoting can then include what YouTube calls a Call-to-Action Overlay, which sits on top of your video and includes a direct link to any website you like. We recommend employing all 3 methods of link sharing for optimal results.

The URL you point to from your YouTube video should be a dedicated landing page. Essentially, link to a specific product page on your site, one that includes information only about the product shown in the video.

4. Collaborate with Similar Channels

Think you know exactly which videos your target audience likes to watch? It is very hard to tap into the minds of consumers. Instead of spending the big bucks on focus groups, surveys, and other old school methods for informing your content strategy, identify 3-5 channels that are already hitting the high numbers. Use their strategies to test drive some fresh video marketing ideas.

5. Think Beyond YouTube

The reach of video marketing is not limited to YouTube, and neither should your strategy be. Many channels and creators were influencers on the web and social media before adopting YouTube, and even more that started on YouTube are quickly expanding their audiences everywhere–which means the potential opportunity for distribution of your videos is exponential. There is Facebook, Vimeo, Snapchat, and Twitter to name a few.

There is no one way of doing things to successfully convert YouTube video viewers. Every case is different. These tips should give you a glimpse of the best practices. Give our customized social media marketing training agency a call for more industry related tips.

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January 15, 2018

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