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DMAC: The Ultimate Guide To Twitter Chats

Twitter chats take place when a group of people tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#), which allows it to be tracked and followed on the social media platform. The chats are held at a specific time and are often repeated weekly or biweekly. This post provides a quick overview of how chats work, how to join them, how to participate and what sorts of social media marketing related chats are out there.

How To Find Twitter Chats:

You can find a list of regularly scheduled Twitter chats on this Google doc.   As well, you can search for hashtags that interest you on Hashtag.it and Hashtag.org.

How To Listen:

There are two ways to listen to Twitter chats: simply clicking on the Hashtag on a tweet to see all the recent tweets. If it is a big chat, you can use the following sites to track conversations and to participate:

  1. Twubs.com
  2. TwitterFall.com
  3. TwitterGrid.com

How To Participate:

Twitter chats normally have several moderators who guide the conversation during the chat using a Question and Answer format.  Prior to the Twitter chat the moderators decide on the topic of the chat and organize a series of 5-10 questions to ask during the chat. It’s important to stay on topic and not get side tracked with unnecessary questions and irrelevant answers.

Social Media Twitter Chats

If you’re looking to refine your social media skills and become an expert, here are 3 Twitter chats we recommend you join:

1. #SSHour

Time: Mondays 4pm EST

Hosts: @isocialfantz


Description: This weekly chat offers parties interested in social selling to converse about issues that are important to them. Chats often feature steaming videos with social selling experts who speak about their experiences and offer tips for users who are starting out.

2. #AtomicChat

Time: Mondays 9pm EST

Host: @Atomic_Reach

Description: The focus of this blog is on content marketing and blogging. The chat offers you tips on improving your content strategies and knowing what to share with whom and when.

3. #SEMRushChat

Time: Wednesday 11am EST

Host: @semRush

Description: The focus of the chat is on SEO and increasing rankings and avoiding manual penalties. The chat also delves into topics of social media and pay-per-click (ppc) advertising. This week the topic was: How to Rock Social Media 30 minutes a day.

4. Blogchat

Time: Sundays 9pm ESR

Description: The chat is moderated by Mack Collier, a SEO and social media authority who is also good source of information for people willing to learn about the best practices.

February 9, 2015

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