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Empower Your Employees Through Comprehensive Social Media Training

The most recent report from Altimeter Group which provides research and industry insights show that social media education is a top social business priority. However, only 38% of companies provide comprehensive training and programs on social media to their employees. The need for social media training has become apparent: It helps businesses not only mitigate social media risk and potential damage but also take advantage of social media as a marketing tool to boost sales.

By empowering employees and providing social media programs companies can avoid Social Media risks such as brand damage and revenue loss. In addition, social media programs and policies provide guidance and security borders on social media usage.

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Training also helps to meet business objectives such as increased brand awareness and sales. By embracing the power of social media companies can utilize one of the most powerful tools to interact with customers. Through social media courses employees and marketing teams can understand the importance of social media, develop a successful social media strategy and be more effective by engaging with customers on social media channels and thereby enhance their marketing skills.

The first step in a social media education program is to set clear objectives, metrics and identify resources. Next, companies need to determine if training is offered in-house or by an external organization. In some cases organizations that offer professional training are the best option due to limited resources available in-house.

Located in Toronto, Canada but servicing students globally, our online digital marketing courses help you to improve your knowledge in Social and Digital Media as well as Internet Marketing. DMAC can also customize online training programs for individual companies depending on your business objectives and goals. Empower your employees through comprehensive social media training.

October 20, 2014

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