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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Crash Course

Facebook was founded in 2004 and Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012. They are two of the most powerful Social Media platforms today from a marketing perspective. Want to know how to run a successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaign? Our Facebook and Instagram crash course teaches you in detail how to advertise on these two popular Social Media platforms. After taking our course you will be able to reach some of the 2.62 billion users that are actively engaging on these platforms.

Description of Facebook - Instagram - Social Media Marketing Online Course


Part-Time (10 Hours)








Who Was This Course Made For?

This course is ideal for:

Traditional marketers who wants to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing quickly.

Recent marketing graduates who want to stand out with recruiters when applying for a job

Business owners looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s advertising power to engage customers online.

People looking for certification in Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

Students Getting Certified After Taking yourDMAC Digital & Social Media Marketing Online Course
Certification Of Digital Marketing


Some topics covered in our course are

  • Importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising
  • Creating Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
  • Defining your Social Media marketing goals
  • Running successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Monitoring Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics
yourDMAC Online Digital & Social Media Marketing Course Certified Graduate Testimonial

Cole Ray Smith

“The course covers everything you need to know about social media marketing. It is an excellent way to gain more or new knowledge about social media marketing or start all the way from scratch. I currently manage two social media platforms for a company. This wouldn’t be possible without the DMAC course.”

What Social Media Marketing Competencies Will You Gain?

Create and manage effective Social Media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram


Define the key aspects of compelling Facebook & Instagram campaigns, generating online traffic

Use Facebook & Instagram to promote and advertise your business in measurable ways

Leverage the power of Facebook & Instagram for your business

Practical Online Social Media Marketing Course With Certification Covering Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Course Program

The course is divided into 5 lessons and 2 short quizzes. You are welcome to take the course at your own pace to suit your own schedule. We expect you to comfortably complete the entire course in about 10  hours. However, please note that you have up to 30 days from date of registration to complete the course.

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Description Of Online Facebook & Instagram Marketing Course With Certification

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Boost your credibility, advance your knowledge, role and career.

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