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Facebook Testing Unsend Feature for Messenger | Online Social Media Marketing Course

Have you ever sent out a message on Facebook only to wish that you never sent it? We’ve all been in a situation where a typo or a poor choice in wording has made us reconsider our decision. Our online social media course directors get inquiries about the existence of this feature on Facebook all the time, especially since there is a similar one being used in Gmail and Whatsapp. We are the first to admit that Facebook has been slow to enable users to edit or delete sent messages.

The wait to edit your Facebook Messenger messages is almost over. Facebook Messenger will soon permit its users to delete sent messages within 10 minutes of them being sent. The new feature was spotted by a Twitter user named Matt Navarra in the coming soon section of Facebook messenger’s version 191.0 release notes. Compared to the the hour that the social media giant gives users to delete erroneous WhatsApp messages, 10 minutes doesn’t give you too much time to correct yourself. But it is a lot better than nothing.

Messenger’s “unsend” functionality has been in the cards since April, 2018, after Facebook admitted that it had been quietly deleting messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg. The functionality was then spotted in October, 2018  during testing

No release date has been set nor was there an official statement released. It is still important to note that the social media giant already has a similar function in Messenger’s secret message feature, which allows messages to automatically be deleted with a timer that users can set. Although the said function is not yet available to the public, executives have had access to the feature, such as Mark Zuckerberg.

“Recall” can actually make the problem worse

There is no real “undo send”. Even if you could undo a send, you still run the risk of people reading the email before you click the button.

If you often find yourself needing to recall emails and messages, it might be best to take an alternative approach.

One way you can avoid relying on the unsend button is to schedule your messages to be sent out in the future. While Facebook does not directly permit users to schedule their messages on their messenger, there are numerous third party tools that will help you do that. One such tool is Sendible.com, which is a platform that allows you to engage with your customers and friends. It helps you measures results and monitors your brand name over the social media channel, and FB is one of them.

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August 5, 2020

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