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Last week, Facebook announced that the classic interface with the iconic blue navigation will be officially scrapped for good in September.

The new design was unveiled in 2019 at the Facebook developer conference and was first rolled out on the platform’s iOS and Android apps. In March of this year, the new interface was unveiled on the desktop platform as an opt-in feature. Users were given the option of switching back to the old design. Come this fall, the old design will disappear for good.

In this blog post, written by our social media course instructors, we share with you everything you need to know about the new Facebook layout.

Social Media Course Info: 5 New Changes All Marketers Need to Know

It is the first major Facebook change in 6 years. The interface is strikingly different from the interfaces that users have been used to for the last 15 years. Below are 5 things all digital marketers and users should come to expect once the new look becomes a permanent fixture.

1. Dark Mode

The new Facebook interface will be permitting users to switch to an optional dark mode. This feature is very similar to the feature being used on Twitter. The purpose has nothing to do with aesthetics. Dark screens are reportedly better for the eyes, do not cause too much disruption to our sleeping patterns and more importantly drain the phone and laptop batteries at lesser rates.

Source:Dark Mode

2. The New Facebook Post

The Facebook post is seeing a redesign as well. It is now more natural and modern. It is also cleaner and less cluttered than its predecessor. It has all the classical features, such as inserting photos, gifs, tagging friends and place, and expressing emoticons. The new feature will also permit users to change the font and background of their posts.

Include video from source: The New Facebook Post

3. Go Live from Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently added a new feature to its Facebook Messenger which allows users to invite up to 50 people into a chat room. With the new interface, users will now be able to broadcast live from their chat rooms. The feature is designed to be a joinable video call. Any person with an internet connection and camera can join, even if they do not have a Facebook account. All that is required is access to the chatroom.


Source: Go Live from Facebook Messenger

4. Minimal Appearance and Interference of Open Conversations on Messenger

Open and active conversations on Facebook messenger are also seeing a redesign. The old Facebook interface simply opened them at the bottom of the page. Many users were not fans of this feature because of the messy look it was creating, especially on smaller screens. The new Facebook design has active messages hidden under thumbnails.

5. New Groups Tab

The biggest and most noticeable change in the desktop’s design is the new “Groups” tab that is located on the redesigned menu bar. Clicking on the tab will bring users to a personalized feed of updates from groups they are members of while also suggesting groups for them to join based on their interests and online habits.

Social Media Course Info: Facebook is Testing a New Look for Facebook Pages on Mobile Apps

In late July, TheVerge.com reported that Facebook is testing out a new look for Facebook pages on its mobile applications. The new design will not have a “like” count. Instead, it will feature a “follow” button and a follower count. Moreover, Facebook is promising that the new look will be cleaner, more intuitive, and will help users better access the biography, posts, and other important information on a Facebook page.

As well, Page owners will now be able to better connect with followers by browsing their News Feeds and immediately switch between their personal profile and the public-facing Page they manage.

An updated ‘Edit Access’ screen will permit Page owners to better assign and manage admin access permissions based on specific tasks. They will also have access to new insights, such metrics displaying the best performing posts. Facebook has not confirmed when the update will be rolled out more broadly.

Digital Marketing Academy’s course instructors have had the chance to peruse glance over the new Pages interface. It is clear that Facebook has improved and made more user-friendly the visitor’s experience. There is an important takeaway from Facebook’s revamped and cleaner interface; enhanced UX (User Experience) on your online properties and social media channels is a game changer when it comes to engaging today’s internet savvy crowd.

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