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FBD| The Secret to Launching a Successful New Blog

Launching a new blog? Being a newbie in an established and competitive market can be daunting. There is a lot of catching up to do like writing blogs, getting ranked competitively on major search engines, and establishing a lead generation funnel to name a few.

In the SEO world, “catch up” has a different connotation than what we are used to. It does not involve you doing the same things that have previously been done by people in your industry. This action is not enough to provide a competitive edge. “Catch up” in SEO means FBD: First, Better, and Different.

3 Ways to Kick Start Your New Blog | Digital Marketing Training

First – This will involve you filling in the gaps in information left by competitors. It also means writing about topics that no one has written about before. Even if the keyword you are focusing on has less than 10 searches a month, this is your chance to shine and prove that you can be innovative. Other bloggers will start linking to your article….eventually, increasing the number of monthly searches. You will get the credit for doing it first.

Better – As an SEO blogger, you are taught to start with the low competition, long-tail keywords and to slowly move upward. At some point, you will have to decide to tackle the big keywords. By tackling, I do not mean just writing about any mundane topic that has been written about 1 million times. I mean creating a masterpiece that every consumer and every blogger in your industry prints out and shows to their spouses and coworkers!

Take SEO as a topic. If you Google “Does social media shares affect SEO Ranking?” you will undoubtedly find thousands, if not more, articles written on the subject. I look for ways to add icing to the cake, meaning doing some research, analysis, and experimentation…and then publishing the results of my case studies (research, analysis, experimentation) along with the answer to the question.

Different – If you cannot find an untouched topic, and you cannot do it hundred times better, then your third option is to flip the script. Make your blog into a third party review site or a place where you store case studies and testimonials. You blog can also offer advice to consumers through how-to procedural/videos or link each product/service to real life hacks that can change consumers’ lives for the better. Not every blog has to be informational in the traditional sense.

It is still not going to be easy – winning a race you start from behind never was. But if you remember FBD you might at least have a fighting chance.

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March 28, 2018

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