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Marketing Course Online

DMAC is helping our fellow Canadians

During these challenging times, DMAC (Digital Marketing Academy of Canada) is helping Canadians the best way we can. Digital Marketing has become one of the largest growing industries in Canada and around the world. There is great value in gaining skills and certification in digital marketing. We are offering our online Facebook and Instagram course for FREE. This 10-hour course will help you learn how to navigate and manage these powerful social media channels and use them to grow your business or start a new career. Whether you are already a Digital Marketer or a beginner, we are certain you will find this course valuable. We hope you enjoy your journey with us and that you are all staying safe.

Limited Time Offer

No Credit Card Required

Part-Time (10 Hours)

Created by industry professionals


This is the ideal course for:

Traditional marketers who wants to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing quickly.

Recent marketing graduates who want to stand out with recruiters when applying for a job

Business owners looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s advertising power to engage customers online.

People looking for certification in Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

Students Getting Certified After Taking yourDMAC Digital & Social Media Marketing Online Course

Learn Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most powerful Social Media platforms today from a marketing perspective. Our Facebook and Instagram crash course teaches you in detail how to advertise on these two popular Social Media platforms. After taking our course you will be able to reach some of the 3.5 billion users that are actively engaging on these platforms.

This course will teach you:


  • About the importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising
  • How to create Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
  • How to define your Social Media marketing goals
  • How to run successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • How to monitor Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics
Facebook & Instagram Marketing Crash Course Testimonial - Laura

Laura Davidson

“I thought the course had tons of great info, learning material and history on both FB and IG. I work in digital marketing, so this was a great refresher for me and gave me the updated skills to make me feel confident to lead organic and paid marketing efforts on both platforms.”

Create and manage effective Social Media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram


Define the key aspects of compelling Facebook & Instagram campaigns, generating online traffic

Use Facebook & Instagram to promote and advertise your business in measurable ways

Leverage the power of Facebook & Instagram for your business

Practical Online Social Media Marketing Course With Certification Covering Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Course Program

The course is divided into 5 modules and 2 short quizzes. You are welcome to take the course at your own pace to suit your own schedule. We expect you to comfortably complete the entire course in about 10  hours. However, please note that you have up to 90 days from date of registration to complete the course.

Become a Facebook & Instagram Marketing Professional

Boost your credibility, advance your knowledge, role and career.

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