For many of us, the skills gap crisis is nothing new. It is something that companies face constantly – they have lots of open jobs but very little workers with specific skills to fill them. Unfortunately, the trend is not going away anytime soon. According to a survey by the Business Development Bank of Canada, 53% of small-and medium-sized businesses say the labour shortage due to the lack of qualified candidates will cause them to limit business ventures.

The need for digitally adept employees has only increased with the CoVID-19 pandemic crisis. The exceptional loss of all channels related to live events, conferences and billboards and the increasing barriers to face-to-face business has brought on many challenges. The only way for businesses to stay resilient is to develop ongoing contingencies to mitigate against these loses, which means moving their marketing and sales efforts to the digital realm.

Essentially, the skills gap is an education problem. It reveals that our institutions are not preparing our future workforce with the up-to-date knowledge and digital and social media certifications and education they need to land jobs and thrive in them. For example, although millennials collectively hold more degrees and certifications than any past generation, they face record unemployment rates. While conventional educational institutions still have their benefits, it needs to be bolstered with real-world training around new technologies and digital skills. And this means offering more online digital marketing and social media courses that are increasingly needed in today’s super competitive world.

So, what do these digital marketing shortfalls mean for you and how can you play a role in minimizing the gap? The answer is simple. You can play a role in creating digitally adept graduates that are an asset to the workforce by continually upgrading your skills. With the increasing need for digital and social media marketing during the CoVID-19 pandemic crisis, these skills will be in high demand and provide excellent new opportunities for employment.

How Can Digital Marketers Respond to CoVID-19 in the Short Term

If ever there was a time for digital marketing to come to the forefront, it is now. Print ads, such as billboards and mail flyers, would have been seen by thousands of people by now if it weren’t for the pandemic. Today they stand beside empty streets as less people are venturing out to get newspapers and all events are cancelled. Or they are sitting in consumers and businesses’ mailboxes waiting to be picked up.

In the meantime, with so many more people online and for longer periods of time, the chances of seeing ads via social media and search engine channels or interacting with digital content is greater.

The problem is…while digital experiences are now at the center of all marketing efforts, the technologies involved have advanced so quickly that the talent pool simply either does not have the necessary skills or has not found the time (or money) to catch up. Artificial intelligence, voice/intelligent assistance, mobile apps, and immersive experiences were among the top technologies expected to dominate today’s growing industries. It comes as no shock that the skills in these areas are also among the most in-demand for 2020.

You as a prospective employee have a choice – to either be part of the change or be part of the problem. If you select the former, there is some commitment that will need to be made. One commitment would be to set aside some time to upgrade your skills and to enroll in institutions that will help you develop them in the least amount of time.

While taking additional qualification courses in social media does sound like a big commitment, it is important to realize the benefits to this step. You could become a hero. Digital marketers are unsung heroes who put out fires every day. They keep the economy going and ensure businesses are not majorly affected by social distancing rules and worldwide closures.

DMAC Offers a Free Facebook & Instagram Social Media Marketing Course to Help Close the Skills Gap

Yes, you heard us right. DMAC is giving back to Canadians in these trying times .We are offering our Facebook and Instagram 10 hour online course, with certification for free. No strings attached and no credit card required.

The course is ideal for all individuals interested in learning Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising, including:

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    • Business owners looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s advertising power to engage customers online.
    • People looking for certification in social media marketing.

Some of the topics covered in our course are:Importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising

    • Creating Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
    • Defining your Social Media marketing goals
    • Running successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
    • Monitoring Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics

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