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Get Funded for Corporate Training in Digital Marketing

“When asked what incentives would motivate their firm to provide more training, 72 per cent of respondents requested direct funds to support training, as opposed to lower payroll taxes or training programs provided by the government.” Source: OTEC.org

In today’s world dominated by Social Media and the Internet, Digital Marketing has become the heart of advertising marketing. Every business has some kind of web presence, whether it is an email blast programme or a couple of social media accounts. Sadly, most companies do little more than scratch the surface of what is possible.

The Challenge of Building a Successful Digital Marketing Team

Employers meticulously sort through job candidates to recruit the best one that has the strongest literacy, numeracy and job requirement skills. Unfortunately, half of Canadians are still ill-equipped to do their best at their current jobs.  In fact, OECD found that approximately 13% of workers are under-qualified to do their current jobs. Even more adverse is the fact that the companies hiring these individuals devote little or no money to supporting and training them.

Businesses are finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscapes of digital marketing.  A recent survey by Clutch, a research and surveys firm in Washington D.C., found that nearly half of small businesses allocated just 20% or less of their marketing budget to digital strategies this year. They also found that while some businesses planned to increase their digital marketing initiatives this year, there is still a significant lag in adopting many proven digital marketing strategies (i.e., SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising etc.).

Digital Marketing can be tough; impenetrable language, constantly changing technologies, unclear business process and evolving models and standards of practice.  This should not serve as an excuse for not leveraging the effectiveness of this relatively new but powerful marketing medium. Many times there is no need to invest in new or expensive talent. The solution can be as simple as actively promoting professional development within your business and providing the current workforce with essential skills through targeted corporate training programmes. A current marketing professional within an organization can be brought up to speed relatively quickly on strategizing and implementing Digital Marketing campaigns.

Invest in your digital marketing team! Learn more about government funding for corporate training.

Government Grant Programs for Corporate Training in Digital Marketing

And if it is a money issue, let these digital marketing training grants for Canadians serve as the incentive your enterprise needs to get up to speed and move forward:

1. Canada Job Grant

This is a 6 year training grant available to firms across Canada.  From 2014 to 2020, Canadian businesses can apply for a provincial variant of the program to cover up to 66% of third-party training costs to advance the skills and knowledge of their current workforce.

Click here for more info.

2. FedDev Ontario Productivity Training Incentive (For Ontario Businesses Only)

This is funding provided to operating manufacturers in Ontario who are looking to deliver in-house or third-party training programs to improve productivity and sales performance.

Click here for more info.

3. British Columbia Training Tax Credit

The Provincial and Federal governments provide income tax credits for employers of apprentices registered in Industry Training Authority (ITA) apprenticeship programs. For additional details and information please see the BC Government website.

4. Youth Employment Strategy

No need to hire experienced candidates for the job. New grads with fresh perspectives can do the work equally as good. The Youth Employment Strategy affords employers with funding and services to create employment opportunities for youth. That money can be used for training and professional development.

To learn more about the various government grants available in Canada for corporate training and their eligibility requirements, contact DMAC‘s corporate training division. Digital marketing training can unlock the potential of your team, quickly providing existing talent with the ability to implement and manage digital and social media marketing initiatives. A customized corporate training program geared to your business can be a powerful catalyst in the results of your digital marketing efforts — from website, email to social media channels.

DMAC offers online courses and customized social media corporate training sessions to businesses and individuals seeking to develop or upgrade their digital and social media marketing skills. To inquire regarding our customized digital marketing corporate training programs please click here. If you would like to learn more about our social media marketing course click here.

December 3, 2015

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