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Get In Touch With Your Customers Using Whatsapp Business

Chances are you are one of the 1.5 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp. An introduction to this immensely popular messaging app (70% of WhatsApp’s users send messages within the app on a daily basis) is therefore probably unnecessary. In January 2018, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business, a standalone app that separates itself from the already existing version of WhatsApp. This business version of WhatsApp reached over 3 million users by the end of Q1 2018.
In this article we’ll introduce you to WhatsApp Business and show you how to get started on this messaging platform. Are you curious about how to use WhatsApp Business in your marketing strategies? Then read on as we discuss this in more detail.

What Is WhatsApp Business And How Is It Different From WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business is a standalone version of WhatsApp that is specially tailored for businesses. The application allows your customers to reach out to you by adding your business’s phone number, which is connected to your WhatsApp Business account, to their contact list. Simply put, WhatsApp Business is a platform that allows businesses to engage and interact directly with their customers.

On what aspects do WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business differ from each other? In general, there are three features that are available on WhatsApp Business which cannot be found in the regular WhatsApp application.

  1. Business Profiles. WhatsApp Business provides additional information for your customers through a ‘Business Profile’. You can add a short description of your business, an email or store address and a website to your Business Profile.
  2. Pre-set Messages. In WhatsApp Business you can save and re-use messages which you frequently use. These are called ‘Quick Messages’. On top of that you can use ‘Automated Messages’. Using these automated messages you can set up greeting messages or ‘away messages’. This way you’ll have a virtual reception and you’ll be able to let your customers know that you’re unavailable to chat at the moment.
  3. Messaging Statistics. WhatsApp Business offers you insights in metrics such as the number of messages that were sent, delivered and read. These metrics can be very helpful to improve the content of your quick messages or your WhatsApp marketing strategies in general.

WhatsApp Business offers you the opportunity to set up ‘Quick Messages’

An example of what a Business Profile will look like to your customers

Reasons for You to Start Using WhatsApp Business

Looking at some statistics, we can say that WhatsApp is wildly popular. The messaging service is available in 109 countries and in 53 languages. Therefore, it is likely that your target group is using the application as well. People who have installed the application are highly engaged: 70% of WhatsApp users communicate using the application on a daily basis, resulting in over 60 billion messages sent every day. But the most exciting statistic, from a marketer’s point of view, might be this one: consumers open and read 98% of mobile messages they receive. No less than 90% of those messages are being opened within 3 seconds after being received. In other words, the engagement rate is immense. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise when we tell you that, according to a Nielson survey, 67% of mobile messaging app users expect to communicate with business via chat over the next two years. Customers these days expect you to provide a direct messaging service and they are eager to interact by using direct messaging services. By the way, did we already mention that WhatsApp Business is totally free, just like the regular WhatsApp application? You’re probably asking yourself what the catch is. Well there isn’t one. It’s completely free and takes hardly any effort to set up!

Create Your Own WhatsApp Business Account

You can set up your WhatsApp Business account in minutes thanks to the simple installation process. Follow the steps below in order to stay in touch with your customers.

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business application for your iPhone, Android, Windows or Nokia S40 device
  2. When you open the application for the first time you’ll have to verify your business‘s mobile phone number
  3. Once your phone number is verified you can choose to restore previous chats associated with the mobile phone number (this is only possible if you already used a WhatsApp account for the phone number).
  4. In the final stage of the setup you’ll be able to edit your business profile. Here you can fill in all the details you want to share with your customers.

Now you are all set to use WhatsApp for your marketing strategy. If you are wondering which content to use or what kind of campaigns have proven to be successful stay tuned for our next article on this blog where we will explain to you in detail how to effectively use WhatsApp for your business.

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May 16, 2018

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