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How Bitmoji has Changed the Face of Communication

How Bitmoji has Changed the Face of Communication | DMAC – marketing course online

Imagine an app that allows you to create a personalized cartoon image of yourself. A cartoon image that you can use on social media profiles and websites and to communicate with friends and customers.

Bitmoji is a social media app, created by Bitstrips, which turns people into their own personal emojis and stickers. The tool goes beyond creating your typical emoji expressions. Users can customize their emojis and stickers to include full body poses, visual statements and positive greetings.

Although silly, Bitmojis can be largely addictive and surprisingly effective. Firstly, they add feelings to conversations. Second, they are convenient and ready to use when you need them most. And the most desirable thing about it is that it simple to use and feels personal to both the sender and the recipient. Thousands of brands, like Pepsi Max and Taco Bell, are already using the app to create sketches that advertise their products and services.



Recently Snapchat partnered with Ralph Lauren. Users can now dress their Bitmoji in Ralph Lauren signature clothing. Source: Mashable

Looking for ways to integrate Bitmojis in your digital marketing campaigns? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, our online marketing course instructors examine the rise of Bitmojis as the next level of emojis. We also explore the app’s impact on digital communications and digital marketing in general.

Emojis are out and Bitmoji is in

Have you ever spent way too long searching for the perfect emoji to get your message across but couldn’t find exactly what you need? Bitmoji is the solution you have been waiting for. Its vast range of sticker options provide greetings, sayings and reactions for just about any conversation. It also allows communicating to be more creative and exciting. And since many of them have added texts, it is more informative than the classic emoji.

How Bitmoji is Impacting Communication

When emojis were first introduced, it changed the way people communicated completely. Instead of sending a written response, all people needed to do was send a laughing emoji when they find something funny.

Bitmoji has a pretty similar premise but allows the user to mark their identity on every message and adds a visual element to any conversation. In addition, Bitmojis have made communication between users simultaneously more personal while still being extremely informal. Through a sticker, they get anything across from a serious message to a hilarious response without having to type a single key.

A great example of how far the personalization of Bitmoji can go. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now possible to let Bitmoji wear a mask. Source. HITC

Bitmoji – a Secret Weapon for Brands

Big Brands have partnered with Bitmoji to provide a wide range of outfits that the user can choose from. By partnering with classic and popular brands such as Forever 21 and Nike, users are able to pick a look that matches their current style, or can use it as an opportunity to shop for new outfits and get a sense of what it would look like on their person. Bitmoji also brought users one step closer to living a luxury lifestyle by giving users access to red carpet looks.

In addition, with the integration onto most messaging platforms such as Gmail and Outlook, companies can use their brands’ Bitmoji throughout their email marketing campaigns. When creating a Bitmoji, brands must ensure that it aligns with their mission statement. This will work especially well if you have a brand character. Using Bitmoji, brands can then create fun and inviting geo-filters for events or the general location. This is extremely beneficial as it increases brand awareness and reaches a larger market.

It is safe to say that Bitmojis have taken communication to a whole new level. By using an avatar to communicate, it is almost like having a face to face conversation through texts. It is also an extremely valuable tool to creating a personal relationship with customers that brands should be taking advantage of!

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November 17, 2020

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