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How Does Apple Fare on Social Media?

A very common question asked by businesses – do we need to have a presence on every social media site out there?

It’s very difficult to answer that question without knowing your industry in more depth and doing some testing in order to find out where your actual success lies.

In order to better answer your question, we would like to examine Apple inc. and its approach to social media marketing. Apple epitomizes a brand that has seen great success on social media, but approaches the strategy from a minimalist point of view.

Apple on Social Media 

Apple has a minimalist presence on social media. If you take a look at Twitter and Facebook, none of the accounts are official accounts of the brand itself.

A brief search on Twitter has brought up: @AppleOfficial, an unofficial source about everything to do with Apple and its products with 138K followers, @AppleNws, an unofficial source for Apple’s latest news, with 994K followers and @AppStore, the official Twitter account for Apple’s App Store, with 3.98m users.  None of these accounts represent Apple as a whole company. Only one of them officially belongs to a division of Apple.

Another search on Facebook brought me to Apple Inc. “computer store” unofficial page.  The page has 24.5m likes; that’s more than Google’s official (and very active) page.

Despite not having any official pages on two of the major social networks, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple inc., is very active on Twitter and has 1.44m followers (only joining the network 2 years ago) and Apple Music has 7.5m followers. iTunes and Beats1 follow suit with 806K and 314K followers respectively.

On Facebook, the newly launched page for Apple Music has garnered 1 million likes.

Digital Marketers pay lots of money to build audiences on Twitter, Facebook and many other social media channels, but Apple, it seems, could care less and is still getting the fan numbers it desires.

Apple: No Social Media presence?

Not exactly.

The valuable lesson to learn – the corporation is being selective and as should you. It’s placed its bets entirely on Tumblr and Chinese social network Weibo, instead of Facebook and Twitter.  It even hired Musa Tariq to head its digital marketing department. Each Tumblr and Weibo account that Apple officially owns is being updated on a regular basis.

Is Apple doing it right?

Is Apple’s approach aligned with the best digital marketing practices?

Our online social media marketing course lecturers generally frown upon this approach, unless you are an established brand with 1m+ customers and fans. The approach is also not recommended because it lacks a centrally managed brand presence.

It’s often a good idea for businesses to promote their new products via different channels and minimize PR damage if something goes wrong.  However, brands should be cautious when opening up too many accounts as it opens up too many doors. It’s best to focus on a select few channels that you know your customers are definitely present on and update them on a regular basis, as opposed to activating multiple social media channels and engaging your followers sporadically.

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September 17, 2015

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