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How SEO Helps You Recruit the Right Candidates

Every business wants to attract only the best candidates to work for them. But what can you do if you don’t have the budget to hire an expensive recruitment agency? In that case, it would make sense to think it’s completely impossible to lead those qualitative candidates to your business. Not anymore. The right SEO tips and best practices will help you lead those quality candidates to your business without spending any money on a recruitment agency. An effective SEO plan will not only save you money and attract the candidates you truly want, but it will also help you stay ahead of the competition. Since a vast majority of job seekers start their job hunting journey online, it makes great sense for your website and job listings to appear on the first page of a Google Search. In May 2017, Google even announced it will launch ‘Google for Jobs’, which is its own job search engine. This shows how important online search has become for job hunters. Below you will find tips and best practices on how to use SEO for recruiting the right candidates for your job postings.

UX is Important | Design a User Centric Career Page

When looking to hire new talent, you must ensure that your business looks appealing to potential employees. A lot of times your website, and more specific the careers page on your website, are among the first contact points between your business and a potential employee. A career page that is not aesthetically pleasing or confusing, will not convince a potential employee to apply to your open positions. This will not only make you lose potential recruits, a bad user experience will undo all other SEO efforts at the same time. Website visitors spend more time on a well-organized, user-centric website, compared to an unintuitive and unorganised website. For Google, user experience (UX) plays a big part nowadays when it comes to ranking. Prolonged visits signal to the search engine algorithms that your website is worthy of a higher ranking. In return, your website will appear higher on the search engine results page.

Use an Effective Content Strategy

Keep your target audience in mind when creating, publishing and developing content for the careers page on your website. The content you provide has to answer people’s needs or provide them with a solution to their problem. Put yourself in the job hunter’s shoes and think of the common questions he or she might be asking. For example you might include the purpose of the role of the job position, day-to-day responsibilities, a required experience level, and jargon and information about the company in the job description. Since it’s easy for job seekers to find job postings online, chances are they might be looking at several job opportunities at the same time. Therefore, assure that the description and content are brief and easy to skim. Use clear headings and bullet points to keep the content neat and organized. An additional bonus is that the Google bots can easily skim your webpage when it’s well organized. As a result the Google bots can define the topic on your webpage with ease and match it with relevant search queries.

Speak the Language of Your Target Audience

Reach the candidates you are looking for by incorporating the right keywords into the content on your career or recruitment page. Job hunters have to go through many job opportunities that don’t match their profile. Therefore, prevent funny or creative job titles. It might seem like a good idea to promote a job title like “social media rockstar” in order to stand out from the competition. But in fact, job titles like that one don’t accurately describe the job position. Because of this, search engines won’t be able to match your job description with the right job seekers. Further, you should think about the terms and phrases used by potential employees to search for a job. To find the right keywords for your career or recruitment web page’s content you can use Google’s Keyword Planner. Have a look at the monthly search volume of specific job titles and implement the highest ranking keywords in the job listing and description for the position you’re hiring for. To help your recruitment page deliver more traffic and leads, perform updated keyword research on a monthly basis. Finally, optimize your SEO rankings for terms like “jobs” or “employment”. This is more beneficial than using keywords like ”career” or ”recruiting” since job seekers search for ‘jobs in ….’ more frequent than any other term.

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April 18, 2018

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