Landing an interview in a digital marketing role is an important step toward pursuing the position you desire. After all, an interview offers an opportunity to make a good impression on your potential employer and position yourself as a the most qualified candidate. To help you prepare for your interviews, our online digital marketing course instructors share with you some practical tips for answering the most asked interview questions.

How to Frame Your Responses to Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions | DMAC

For the most part, the interview questions will be behavioral based.

During behavioral-based interviews, you will be asked to cite specific examples in your career to help answer the question. It is not about what you would do and more about what you have done in the past. The rationale is that how you acted in the past will predict your future actions. For each question that is asked, employers have a set of big ideas and skills that they look for in your responses and the goal is to hit 80% or more of what look for.

We recommend using the STAR approach to make sure you are answering all questions concisely and effectively. This will ensure that you are hitting the BIG IDEA of the question and highlighting the SKILLS the employer is looking for without getting off track.


source: Interviewgrid

All responses should be no more than 3 minutes long. Practice makes perfect. Write out your responses in advance and practice them in front of a family member or employment counsellor.

You may also get questions that ask you to describe your experience and why you are a good fit. These questions are not your typical behavioral-style questions. However, when answering such questions, it is important to connect your experiences and your skills to the job description and company’s mission statement and values.

3 Most Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers | Digital Marketing Strategy

As you prepare for your interviews, you may be considering which questions the interviewer will ask. While there is no way to know for sure what exact questions will be asked, there are several popular interview questions that get asked more frequently than others.

Below, our online digital marketing course instructors share with you 3 of the most-asked interview questions in the digital marketing industry. We have also shared with you sample responses as well as the big ideas and skills that employers look for in candidates and their answers.

1. Describe one of your most successful marketing campaigns. What made the campaign successful?

An interviewer might ask this question to learn about what being successful means to you and to understand how much you have accomplished in your past jobs. Try outlining a past project, its goals, its results and the role you played in ensuring its success.

Big Ideas

  • •Knowing what success is can help you identify what should be prioritized and what should be removed from the schedule.

Look-For Skills

  • •Time Management
  • •Teamwork
  • •Project Management
  • •Results Driven
  • •Communication
  • •Critical Thinking
  • •Creative Thinking
  • •Analytics
  • •Growth Mindset


source: Linkedin

Sample Response

“Last summer, I began working as an intern at a small real estate firm. The employer was looking to augment his social media presence and use one or more platforms to generate leads. During the first two weeks of my internship, I worked closely with the marketing manager to create SMART goals and to come up with a marketing plan that would help the company reach its goals. One of the goals was to increase the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter to 200 by September. Another goal was to jump-start paid advertising programs on Facebook and Twitter to generate at least 5 leads each month. Upon doing an analysis of the results using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, we found that we had successfully exceeds our goals by 120%.

What are the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website?

This question helps the interviewer learn about your approach to building an online brand and the strategies you would use to increase a business’ bottom line and leads efforts.

Big Ideas

  • • Web traffic can be increase using both organic and inorganic methods.
  • • Web traffic can only be increased exponentially when multiple (and both) organic and inorganic strategies are used.
  • Look-For Skills

    • • Keyword Research
    • • Content Marketing
    • • Website Traffic Analysis
    • • Social Media Paid Advertising
    • • PPC advertising
    • • SEO
    • • UX design

    Sample Response

    My most recent work experience was as a digital marketing coordinator with ABC online marketing firm. In my role, I worked with small to medium sized businesses who were looking to revamp their digital marketing strategies in light of CoVID-19 outbreak. I also worked with companies that were experiencing difficulties obtaining web traffic due to penalties, poor user experience and unoptimized webpages.

    I most recently worked with a client who owns a flooring company. The client had a steady flow of organic traffic (100 visitors/day) up until a month ago. One day, without warning, the traffic dramatically decreased to 5-10 visitors a day. To assist the client in regaining his traffic, I started with a thorough analysis of his current digital marketing efforts. My analysis revealed that the website was hit by Google Panda algorithm update due to a high percentage of scraped content. He had some presence on social media platforms, but was not consistently posting content and engaging with consumers. In addition, the backend page revealed that the client was targeting highly competitive keywords.

    Based on this information, I proposed a revised version of his digital marketing plan that would address the deficits. I proposed to write fresh, new content for each of his landing pages using low-competition keywords to supplement the scraped content. I created a content schedule for each of his social media accounts and proposed to use Hootsuite to schedule them in advance. I also created a series of social media and search engine paid advertising campaigns to assist with lead generation while the organic results were being built up.

    Before coming to ABC, the client was using only one effective strategy to build his web traffic (SEO). Now he employs multiple strategies to help him with his lead generation efforts.

    3. How do you stay current on digital marketing trends and best practices?

    The interviewer might ask this question to help them determine if you are self-motivated and driven enough to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. This is one of the most frequently asked questions during digital marketing interviews because of how fast the industry is evolving. The employer wants to know that you are refining practices and using only white-hat strategies.

    Big Ideas

    • • Digital marketing is an evolving industry that churns new trends, strategies, plans, and skills from time to time.
    • • Ongoing professional development in digital marketing will ensure that you are using the most effective strategies and tools available to you.

    Look-For Skills

    • • Self-Motivator
    • • Life-long Learner

    Sample Response

    I am a life-long learner. I continually take professional development courses and workshops to refine my practices and expand on my knowledge. Just this past summer, I enrolled in the Digital Marketing Academy of Canada (DMAC) certification program. I successfully completed two of their digital and social media marketing courses. This fall, I hope to receive my Google Ads Certification. I have completed all instructional modules and am now studying for the certification exam.

    There are some great marketing blogs and newsletters that I subscribe to that make staying up-to-date easy. One example is I try to review it once a week and use it as a reference sometimes when I am learning a new skill or building a marketing plan.


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