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How to Create Quality Blog Content in 2019 | Digital Marketing Training

Creating attractive and interesting content for your readers will always be one of the most challenging parts of blog writing. Whether you are an experienced blogger or a beginner, your ultimate goal is to have people to be interested in what you write. You want them to be entertained and inspired but above all, you want them to be engaged. But, how do you do this? What makes people want to engage with your blog? Allow us to open the gates to blog engagement with the following tips.

Audience Persona

Creating a good and reliable audience persona is the first crucial step to engagement. Get to know your audience and make them your best friend. Understand all of their strengths and struggles. Once you achieve this, your best friend will support you no matter what. You are probably thinking: “Okay great theory, but how do I actually do this?” Let’s dig deeper.

Initially, give your persona a name. When getting to know somebody, we generally start with small talk i.e. where are you from? how old are you? what do you do? This is exactly how you will set up your audience persona. Start by filling in the obvious questions.

Once you have done that, it is time to dive deeper into their personality. Ask yourself the following questions i.e. what shapes them? what struggles are they dealing with? what do they value most in life? These are certainly not easy questions. No friendship is built in one day. Give it time and gradually get to know them better through conversation.

Meanwhile, pay close attention to the language they use. Every target audience has their own slang, words, nuances and phrases that empower who they are. This might be industry-specific or this could also include informal language depending on who your audience persona is. To give an example, let’s direct our attention to Kylie Jenner. Whether you are a fan or not you have to admit that her success is based on a strong digital marketing strategy, where she treats her followers as her best friends. She speaks the same language and knows exactly what her followers’ interests are.


Trust isn’t a one-way street. Your audience also wants to know who you are. It is important to talk about yourself. Why are you doing what you’re doing? What motivates you? What is the story behind the blogger? If you truly want to create a strong relationship, you cannot ignore this part of your online strategy.

Storytelling goes way back, and if done correctly, can make all the difference. Even cavemen in pre-historic times convinced one another by using fascinating stories. It encourages an intense desire to know more about the subject, and in your story, you will be the subject. It might sound egocentric, but if people have the feeling they know you they will transmit the knowledge you share more easily. They will remember you. However, sincerity goes a long way here. Your story should be authentic and unique. Simply be yourself and share your experiences.

Your Unique Voice

With a unique story comes a unique voice. Your personality is what makes you “you”, and this should also reflect in your writing. Everything we have mentioned up until now all fits together, you just have to shape your pieces the right way. When you have found your unique voice, your readers will recognize the familiarity. This creates more trust and is the perfect foundation for a strong relationship between you and your audience.

However, don’t confuse your voice with your style. Your voice is your personality reflecting in your writing. Whereas, a writer’s style can be adopted. Think about it as a group of writers using the same direct, straightforward style, but still individually have their own voice colors coming through on the page. The different posts will be aligned yet have a different nuance.

The difficult part is to find your voice. It must come naturally and cannot be forced. We recommend you read your blog posts out loud to check whether this is the appropriate voice you want to emit. Other than that, you just have to keep blogging to find your voice colours.

What the Eye Wants

First impressions are everything, no one starts reading a blog post without scrolling through it at first. Use visuals to catch the reader’s attention. This can be anything from infographics and statistics to images and videos. Fortunately, in this century, you don’t have to be a Picasso to create something beautiful and unique. There are many websites like “Canva” that will help you create the perfect image. However, make sure the visual content matches your personality and is relevant for your content.

One particular aspect we want to focus on is videos. We highly encourage any blog writer to make relevant video content, as it is interactive, entertaining and most importantly it humanizes you. It gives your audience the feeling that they know you. When reading an article, they can imagine a face, an idea of the person who is talking to them. It creates more trust and stimulates conversation.

 CTA’s – Calls to Action

Of course, there’s no point in writing if you don’t receive any feedback. “Is there anybody actually reading my blog?” Might be a question that is bothering you. However, remember that people will never take action if you don’t explicitly ask them to. Therefore, it is essential to focus on one main call to action and communicate this in the correct way. Don’t beat around the bush. Just friendly invite them to share or leave a comment. It’s as easy as that.

Nevertheless, during our online digital marketing training, we noticed a recurring issue. Often bloggers ask for engagement but don’t present their audience with something clear to engage with. Never forget to give your target a reason to comment or share. Additionally, it is interesting to tell them why you want to know what they think. Maybe you want to understand their point of view or analyze how many people used your tips and tricks. Remember, a relationship is a two-way street.

 SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You are probably thinking: “Not SEO again!”. However, before you skip this entire section we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pay proper attention to SEO. You can create the most beautiful and appealing content of all time, but if there is nobody to read it, there is no point.

Besides the fact that relevant keywords are a fundamental part of blog writing, we want to provide you with some SEO facts that might have slipped your mind. Primarily, you should remove anything that could possibly slow down your website, both mobile and desktop. Nothing gets a lower ranking than a website that takes ages to load. Think about the sizes of your images, JavaScript files, stylesheets and so on. Additionally, never forget that you are writing for actual humans. They are the ones reading your content. We often focus too much on optimizing our keyword rankings, forgetting the most important reason why we write. Search engines don’t engage, your target audience does.

Be Your Biggest Fan

At last, have confidence in your blog writing skills. Every time you create content, ensure to share it on your social media channels and website blog. Show off what you made. Let your readers know you have new content through a newsletter or by promoting it on your social media channels. You spend time and energy on your new blog post. Simply for that reason, you should be proud of what you created.

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October 16, 2019

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