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How to Get 10,000 Retweets in just a Few Days!

A common question asked by students taking our social media course is: What is the most engagements you can get from social media? We very often respond by saying that the sky is the limit. Even with statistics backing up our claim, some students stay overtly pessimistic and underestimate the power of social media marketing.

But, as the following story will prove, social media marketing can be highly effective. And if done right it can help you achieve results within days or weeks.

The Story

It all started when Austin Moore, a 17 year old high school student from Stayton, Oregon wanted to ask his friend’s showgirl cousin out to the prom. There were no romantic intentions or feelings of loneliness; Austin simply wanted to do this to become popular.

He began his quest by sending Mariah Rivera, a married stripper working at Las Vegas’ finest strip club Luxor, a message. She oddly enough replied and offered to go with him if he was able to attain 10,000 retweets. Moore took on her challenge and posted his tweet with a photo of Riviera on Twitter. He even got some help from Robin Leech.

Moore was able to reach his goal and Riviera agreed to accompany him and his group to the prom. The problem was that the school principal wasn’t flattered at all and stepped in and blew the house of bricks down. The reason for the refusal was that Riviera was over the age of 19 and the function was for people below that age.

10 Proven Tips For Geting More Retweets on Twitter

• Ask for others to retweet

• Keep tweets shorts

• Include hashtags

• Thank users for retweeting you

• Choose the best time to tweet: between 7pm-11pm including


Retweet by Time of Day

• Tweet on the weekends

Retweets by Day of Week

• Let users preview images without having to click on any link or text

Retweet by picture usage


• Don’t use abbreviations; write the entire word (i.e., retweet not “rt”)

• Use exclamation marks and question marks

• Add at least one or two of these most retweetable words:
1. game
2. going
3. haha
4. lol
5. but
6. watching
7. work
8. home
9. night
10. bed
11. well
12. sleep
13. gonna
14. hey
15. tomorrow
16. tired
17. some
18. back
19. bored
20. listening

Enroll in our social media marketing course to learn more about how to get as many tweets as Austin Moore or more. Next semester starts April, 2015.




March 17, 2015

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