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How to Target the Millennial

Our clients often come to us asking how to target the millennial. It is not surprising that companies often have difficulties targeting this specific group as it is known for their short span of attention and constantly being on the lookout for the next big thing. As much as it seems like a challenge, there are proven methods you can use in your social media marketing plan to conquer the millennial generation with your products and services.

Instagram and Facebook are just two social networks filled with travel bloggers and everyday people who simply love to share pictures and stories of where they go and what they do while on vacations. People love reading travel related content and are keen on emulating the experiences themselves. One such group that is influenced by travel posts is the Millennials.

Millennials are not just turning to social media for pictures and stories about exotic locations to spend their vacations. They are using it to determine where to stay and what excursions they should take when they get there. In fact, more millennials indicated that social media was an influencing factor in travel choices than travel agents. This is no surprise as this demography tends to ignore people who are trying to sell them things instead of simply sharing information.

Our social media marketing training agency has come up with 5 tips to help your team market their products or services to the millennial generation:

Promote Goods and Services via Social Media Ads

Leveraging social media is often presented as a way to increase brand awareness and engagement without any costs. But you may not see any ROI if you do not invest some money. Yes, you can set up social media platforms for free. Yes, you can post as much as you want. Yes, you can incorporate hashtags to help users find your content.  However, you will find more success when you promote your goods and services in the form of paid ads. Paid ad programs on social media allow you to target users by interests, geographic location as well as age group. Also note that budget options are flexible and even a small investment will go a long way with major social media channels such as Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

Create More Videos and Less Text

With millennials, video is one of the most effective marketing mediums. 85 percent of millennials are using video as part of their marketing strategies, and nearly one-half are dedicating more than a quarter of their budget to it. [source: Magisto]

Use Snapchat vs. Facebook:

According to a recent Nielsen study, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. daily. That’s because most millennials have made the switch from Facebook to Snapchat in order to avoid having their news feeds cluttered with posts from “older generations”. Snapchat therefore has the highest concentration of millennials which makes it the perfect channel to target this ever so difficult group. [source: Hootsuite]

Create Informative and Actionable Content

With millenials it’s all about soft selling. Millennials do not respond well to traditional ads that try to sell them on their products and services. Instead, they are attracted to brands that post informational and actionable content that offer solutions to issues they are facing.

Bring in Key Influencers

It’s not enough to just create a conversation around your brand. With millennials, you need to find the people they consider influential in your niche and specifically get them involved in the conversation. These influencers can tap their own networks and draw in more online participation, which is crucial for marketing to millennials because they want to be part of the creation process.

Have any questions about marketing to millennials? Looking for someone to peruse your current marketing strategies and identify fresh ways to meet and exceed goals? Aside from offering online social media and digital marketing courses, DMAC offers customized, corporate social media marketing training to businesses large and small and in all industries. We will sit down with your team to go over your current marketing plan, identify ways to improve the plan and create new, measurable goals to help you monitor the success of your marketing efforts.

April 5, 2017

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