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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Followers

Simple and easy to use, Instagram is a mobile app for sharing photos and videos. There are over 200 million users and 57% of them access Instagram daily spending 257 minutes per month. In order to make your post more engaging you can apply filters for both photos and videos. You can also comment on other users’ posts and use hashtag to describe the content. Instagram tells the story of your business through visuals and short messages. Today Instagram has excellent marketing value because of its social media influence and helps you to build a loyal and engaged community of followers.
In order to get the most out of Instagram social media marketing, we provide nine business strategies to help grow your followers.

1. Use Instagram profiles to reach a large audience

An Instagram profile provides a better understanding of your company. Make a description for your business. Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Use the official company name and the logo of your company
  • Include a URL in your bio
  • Using keywords for your bio will help your SEO
  • Keep your description up-to-date

Remember that you should make it easy for everyone to see your story and promote everything that your company has to offer.

instagram.com hubspot example

2. Pictures

First, it is essential to use the best possible images; high resolution, sharp, energetic. Take your time to optimize the post. Then, spotlight your new products. Instagram is a prime channel for direct marketing and you need to show off your product images. Your customer should be given the opportunity to share the stories from your Instagram account.

3. Videos

Videos on social media networking sites are an important part of growing a business. Mainly used for photos, Instagram recently launched a video-sharing feature that allows uploading 15 seconds long videos. Here is what Instagram has to offer:

  • Videos are longer on Instagram compared to vine’s 6-second videos
  • Sharing option on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email
  • Apply filters
  • Get creative: behind the scenes videos, products releases
  • Geotagging; Tell people where you are

4. Use the right hashtags

Adding hashtags to your pictures is a great approach to find new followers and share your photos with more users. It should describe the image and tell a story about your business. Keep a few things in mind and make sure to:

  • Be specific to connect with like-minded people
  • Be pertinent by making sure your hashtags describe your photo well
  • Be relevant. Pay attention to other user’s hashtag and search for trending hashtags
  • Try not to overuse hashtags (Keep the number within 5 to 15 Hashtags per image)

5. Apply the right filters

A recent study published by TrackMaven shows that the Mayfair filter, no filter, or the inkwell filter end up with mores likes and comments. But everyone’s audience is different, see which one is the most popular within your community.
digital media academy of canada blog post filter usage

6. Engage your current audience

Follow and be followed. First, engage with influencers and social community. Repost good quality content from your community means users will be more likely to share your content in return. Using the repost application will automatically add attribution.

  • Show appreciation for customers using mentions
  • Mention your staff who use Instagram
  • Mention others users is a great way to engage with an audience
  • Engage with competitors’ followers. Those users have already shown an interest in your product

7. Manage your account effectively

  • Use Instagram mobile app to full functionality
  • Contribute to Instagram communities
  • Answer to comment, and use @mention
  • Like and comment on other pictures
  • Analyze competitions’ account
  • Pay attention to post often and staying on topic
  • Geo-localize your posts taken at business events
  • Post at peak audience times

8. Integrate you Instagram account

Let people know your business is on Instagram: Add an Instagram icon on the website and connect to others social media networks; integrate ‘follow’ button to all other networks profiles, and add Instagram URL to marketing material.

9. Run contest

Instagram is a very effective channel to promote and run a contest.

Instagram is a great free social media marketing channel that brands should be leveraging. Located in Toronto, Canada but serving students globally, Digital Media Academy of Canada can help you to grow your target audience through online social media courses which help you understand and gain digital marketing skills to thrive in the Digital Media industry.

October 28, 2014

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