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How to Use Visually Based Content for Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

It is proven that eye-catching images and visual content sharing on social media will attract more likes and shares for engaging online communication. As well, visually appealing content will help keep users engaged and interested.

Eye-Catching Images and Visual Content Sharing

Blog posts on social media channels are a powerful content marketing tool because it engages and catches the consumer’s attention. To make sure that you can reach more potential visitors worldwide, it is important to facilitate the sharing of the blog content through various social media platforms.
Social media marketers are more interested in visual content because it has been proven to be a more powerful way to get your message across quickly as well as broadening your target reach. A video is a crucial engaging factor for most successful bloggers.


(Source: Neosperience)

Nobody appears to be interested in text-only content anymore. The power of visual-heavy content is what most bloggers consider before they decide to reach their target audiences. Adding more visual elements to blog posts or web content has become one of the most effective way for a brand to convey their marketing message to their audience. This in turn helps the audience remain more engaged and thus closer to being a consumer.

Emotionally Displayed Visual Content Campaigns

Clearly, visual content plays an important role in helping you connect with your audience on an emotional level. Audiences tend to comment and share content with others when they have been emotionally triggered. By nature, visual content tends to reach people more effectively compared to any other web content. When people see any visually-displayed content they usually generate a positive or negative feeling. The important thing is there is a “feedback”. For example, red and yellow buzz colors make people feel positive, warm, happy and optimistic. Close-up pictures can create a sense of personal connection while pictures taken from a distance can evoke feelings of isolation and seclusion. These tips are crucial when creating an important web marketing blog post or marketing message.

Appealing Content

Tailor your content to your target audience and connect with them; they are genuinely interested in what you are sharing because they are reading and commenting on your posts. According to webdam.com, visual images and rich content tend to produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. When information is displayed on social media platforms, users tend to pay more attention, and possess a longer retention span with visually-displayed content rather than verbally-displayed text.


(Source: Neosperience)

You want your audience to never forget your blog. To make it happen you must put effort and be passionate about the information you post. Be more meaningful and don’t just think about “selling”. Focus more on educating or inspiring your blog visitor. It has been proven that blog posts with less than 250 characters can increase audience engagement by over 60%.
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May 10, 2016

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