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Instagram Ads Coming to Canada and Other Best Self-Service Advertising Solutions to Promote Your Brand

Instagram unveiled its new strategy to expand advertising to more countries. Canadian, Britain and Australian users will soon see sponsored ads in their news feeds. Instagram has already tested its advertising platform in the U.S last year. The main goal is to monetize Instagram’s growing user base quicker.

Ads on Instagram aim to support brands to reach large audiences with high quality content. The new ads on Instagram will target users based on the follows, photos and videos account users engage with the most. It will also take into account interests and basic information gathered from Facebook profiles. The company is planning to show ads from businesses that are interesting to the users. Based on their previous experience in the US market, the social media company is going to move slowly, introducing only specific posts from high profile brands in Canada. The company is partnering with a few brands that have an extensive base of followers. Their main goal is to make advertisements feel as natural to Instagram users as the photos and videos people are already enjoying.

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Instagram is also planning to introduce an analytics tool to measure campaigns. The company is going to improve the quality of their ads by adding a button that allows users to hide less interesting ads, but also allow them to provide feedback. Advertisers on Instagram will not be allowed to use photos and videos of Instagram users. Instagram’s rapid growth and popularity combined with Facebook’s track record with advertising give a good reason to believe that the ads will work.

While Instagram ads will be available only to a few brands, Canadian businesses can take advantage of advertising mediums through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Reach 1.35 Billion Users Using Facebook Ads

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Advertisements on Facebook are placed in the right sidebar or appear on your Facebook newsfeed. Facebook Ads can help grow reach and page likes, drive website traffic and increase engagement and visibility. Well targeted posts and creative content will make your ads more powerful. Facebook Ads provide different tools like targeting options: demographics, interests, behaviors, location, or connections with other pages. The social media platform also provides Facebook Offers which is a special discount or promo code that people can redeem at your store. The three fundamental parts of an ad are the catchy title, the body copy and the rich and engaging image. Click here to learn more about advertising on Facebook.

Promote Your Brand Using the Twitter Advertising Tool

Twitter provides advertising tools for businesses of all sizes. Since 2013, thousands of small and medium businesses have used Twitter Ads to engage their followers in real-time conversations, drive website traffic, reach potential customers, gain followers and grow the community. You can target potential customers by geo-location, interests, keywords and mobile devices and brands their follow. Objective-based campaigns: Advertisers only pay when Twitter users take actions and engage with the tweets. Twitter Analytics: Advertisers can see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic and promoted tweets. It also helps to know how your tweets are performing. Learn more about Twitter Ads here.

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Connect with Business Professionals Using LinkedIn Ads

With more than 300 million users, LinkedIn is a thriving social media channel for worldwide professional business. LinkedIn Advertising is a great space for B2B companies and lead generation. It offers a self-service advertising solution to create and place ads by selecting a target audience based on job title, job function, age, company name or size as well as LinkedIn group or geography. This is arguably a better suited website for B2B objectives rather than other social media channels.
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Here are some effective tips to make the most of LinkedIn Ads:
– Target your ads to a specific audience.
– Give people a reason to click on your ads by offering a promotion, free trial, e-book, etc. Include a strong call-to-action (Ex: Download, Try, Request a quote etc.).
– Include a relevant and engaging image to show what you have to offer.
– Create at least 3 ad variations, changing the text of your ad, your calls-to-action and images. You can build 15 different ads within one campaign and analyze which ads perform best.
Learn more about LinkedIn Ads here.

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November 17, 2014

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