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Our courses are designed with step by step or walk-through instructions and are updated on a regular basis.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course has been used in customized training programs for organizations such as


Total Flexibility: As a busy professional it’s not easy to find time to improve your skills. Our flexible learning option allows you to study where, when and how fast you want.

Get Certified: Digital Marketing Academy of Canada will provide you with Certification upon completion of the quizzes and/or assignments required for each of our courses.

Practical Skills: All courses offer sections with step-by-step instructions or walk through videos. These courses are not about theory but about real world application. We expect you to be work ready after completing our courses.

Career Growth: The digital marketing field changes fast. It is necessary to master the latest digital technologies and online marketing tools. Our collection of courses allows marketers at all stages of their career to learn practical, updated and industry leading skills to achieve career growth.

Success Coach Support: As part of our commitment to your success, Digital Marketing Academy of Canada supports its students with Success Coaches. They are like personal trainers who help students reach their learning goals.


Research done by the Digital Marketing Institute shows an inevitable and growing digital marketing skills gap in several industries.  This skills gap has grown even wider during the COVID19 Pandemic. Accordingly, organizations are not able to successfully benefit from digital marketing.

Let Digital Marketing Academy of Canada bridge that gap.

As a marketing professional or busy entrepreneur we know your time is valuable! You are expected to deliver great results quickly.​ Learn fast and on-demand with our courses ranging from 10-30 hours in duration. Get certified/accredited and be work-ready!


Two of our courses are created for those with little or no knowledge of Digital & Social Media Marketing. However, even trained digital marketers will upgrade their skills with our Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course.

Our courses are perfect for:

  • Recent Marketing & Communications Graduates
  • Marketing Professionals Looking to Upgrade their Skills
  • Small Business Owners
  • Professionals Looking for a Career Change

We Are With You All The Way

Taking a detailed online course, at your own pace, asks for a great amount of discipline and focus. Because of this we provide each student* with a dedicated Success Coach. Our Success Coaches are available during business hours and communicate with you as needed or when you could use a little support along the way.


*Students taking the following courses:
– Digital & Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
– Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Online Course Training With Success Coach

How COVID-19 has Impacted the Digital Marketing Landscape

Adapt with the Right Digital Marketing Course Online

To adapt to all changes in the digital marketing landscape you can choose from various social media marketing courses in Canada or from abroad. DMAC is one of the many digital marketing institutes in Canada offering marketing courses online. Upgrading your knowledge with an effective  digital marketing course can provide you with the skillset needed to identify and capitalize on trends like the following;

1. Repurpose of Social Networks

In the past, social networks were largely used for lead generation, everyday chats and to share information. Now, social networks have become more than just social; they are more human, transparent and honest. Tough times experienced as a result of the COVID pandemic requires  different messaging and with that a different way of using your social networks. If anything, consumers are looking for honest messaging. Messaging that is insincere and only benefits your business will backfire in times where we all need to come together to fight for a greater cause.

2. Rise of User-generated Content

User-generated content refers to all content, whether text, photo, video, reviews, etc., created by consumers/people rather than the brand itself. It’s common for brands to share this content on their own social media channels or website. The strength of user-generated content lies in the connections it builds between like-minded people. Contests and give-aways are great means to spark users to generate content about your brand or offerings.

3. Increase in use of Livestream for Customer Engagement

It’s already commonly known that video is one of the most engaging forms of content to use. Video content has become an important part of many companies’ digital marketing strategy. However, new insights have taught us that 3 in 5 consumers prefer live stream video over a pre-recorded one. The reason being that live video offers a raw and unfiltered look into your business. Since many retail stores are physically closed due to COVID, live video offers a great alternative to engage with your customers.

4. Use of Influencer Marketing has been Rising Exponentially

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica data breach, consumers have become more critical than ever. This is where influencer marketing comes into play. Recommendations made by influencers are perceived as more trustworthy than traditional means of advertising. According to research done by other digital marketing institutes and industry authorities, 74% of consumers trust opinions seen on social media, whether these opinions come from friends, families or influencers. Studies have also  shown that micro-influencers can get the job done as well as, if not even better, than big ‘celebrity’ influencers. This is because micro-influencers are perceived as someone ‘similar to me’. Remember this when using influencer marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy: Relatability is more important than popularity!

5. Use of TikTok for marketing and advertising

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