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Master Facebook Marketing Engagement With These 5 Simple Tips

In today’s social media dominated world, Facebook has become fully integrated into our daily lives. Even when we think we have seen it all, millions of new videos, images and posts continue to be shared all over the world on a daily basis.
That is precisely the dream of every marketer; watching your content go viral and be viewed by millions of people. Facebook, when used effectively, has the power to change your business overnight. Our corporate training department in Toronto has come up with the following 5 tips to drive engagement on your Facebook business page:

Simple and short posts

This tip is as simple as the title. If you want your posts to be succesfull, just follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Short and simple posts are preferred over long text. Short descriptions are easy to read, easy to remember and they are able to grab the attention of your target audience in a few seconds. There’s nothing more effective than a short and captivating caption on top of your Facebook post. Remember, long and complex posts are not an indication of quality content!

Visual content

Videos and photos can drive engagement like nothing else. The most important thing to keep in mind here is to choose the emotion you want to trigger with your post carefully; love, hope, surprise, happiness, joy or some other strong emotion. What’s crucial here is that the visual content should cater directly to your targeted emotion. Remember to introduce your video or picture with a short caption.There is no need to be too elaborate; let the visual content speak for itself.

“Like for [Option 1], Love for [Option 2]”

“Like” vs “Love” is one of the most effective engagement drivers in the social media realm. Polls are excellent ways to create engagement on your Social media page. The idea is very simple: it requires an image of 2 or more options (types of food, animals, celebrities etc.) and let the page visitors vote “like” or “love” for the two options. Whenever you create such posts try to make the poll related to your product or service.

“Like if you [do an activity]”

People love it when they can identify with something. It’s a very simple way to target your audience. Thanks to this simple post, you will understand how people think, what their preferences are and so on. It’s a deeper and more complex engagement response that can help you with your digital marketing plan as a whole.
The visual content is the main trigger of the post; a simple caption should complete your engagement magnet. Remember to always post something that your audience can relate to.

“Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]”

The main purpose here is to suggest a quick solution for common problems identified within your target audience. The secret is to only use a few lines to explain the “problem” followed by a solution. Very few visitors will read long and complex posts, however many will be interested in a post where you explain how to solve their problem. Your post will not only create engagement, it also demonstartes that your page can be considered a source of knowledge and useful information for your target industry.

These simple tips are only a few examples of how your Facebook business page can improve its engagement levels quickly. If you would like to know more on this topic, contact us at www.yourdmac.com. These tips will help you to acquire more Facebook engagement, acquire new followers and drive brand awareness. Next time you schedule your social media posts hop on the engagement train and see your page come alive like never before.

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March 24, 2017

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